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2015-2016 World Masters Sprint Champion (Master World Championships, Manchester England)
Silver medalist in 500m Time Trial in Manchester England
2016 National Champion in 200m Sprint, 500m Time Trial, Team Pursuit and Team Sprint (team partner Catherine Hooton)
2016 State Masters Champion Sprint, 500m Time Trial and Team Sprint
2015 National Masters Championships, Bronze in 500m Time Trial, Silver in Sprint Gold in Team Pursuit
2015 State Masters Champion in Sprint, Time Trial, Team Sprint and Pursuit.
Silver in Scratch Race and Bronze in Points race.
2015 NSW Country Track Champion
Since 2011, I have won regular Country, State and National Titles
In 2013, I won bronze in World Championship Master 3 Sprint title and participated i a team pursuit team that claimed silver.

Personal Bests
Sprint 200m - 12.33
500m Time Trial -38.14

NSW womens masters 3 Cyclist of the year 2014, 2015 and 2016
Finalist of Australian Masters track Cyclist of the year 2016
Winner of Senior Sports Person of the Year from Bathurst and District Sport and Recreational Council

State - NSW
Sport - Masters and elite track cycling, now having a go at mountain biking.

How did you get into your sport?
My Father!, As a child my father empowered me to try new things and introduced me to cycling around 14 years of age. He encouraged me as a athlete and supported me when I set goals to achieve. I loved the atmosphere of track cycling and the competitive yet supportive nature of the sport.

I quit the sport when I was 19 after a large fall and left cycling behind.

At 38 years of age, my partner partner bought me a track bike and asked me to just to ride it.
He knew that I loved cycling but just needed encouragement to recommence riding.
He unleashed a beast and I haven't stopped since!.. Lucky for me, I have had some great motivators in my life!

Hardest thing about my sport?
Learning to deal with the pressure I put on myself and perform when I have placed myself in stressful situations. I need to believe in myself as much as others believe in me.
Riding is the easy bit! Track Cycling is a great discipline!

What does regular training involve?
Indoor trainer sessions, weights, sprint training including motorpacing and starts and yoga.

How do you keep motivated
By surrounding myself with positive and motivated people. I keep my goals close and work towards my goals in stages.
I love helping other women overcome their fears and watch them grow in confidence and ability, it is very rewarding!

Immediate - finish the EVOCITIES mountain Bike Series, rubber side down and with a smile and sense of personal achievement!
Encourage other women to give cycling (all disciplines) a crack!
Take some risks and try new things on my MTB bike.

In 2017, I want to be World Champion in 500m Time Trial and Sprint Events, also winning World Titles in Team Sprint.

Best Piece of advice you have been given
there are 3.
1. Desire beats talent 9 times out of 10.
2. You need to pat yourself on the back , twice as much as you kick yourself in the Butt!
3. Spread the word, cycling is great and great people do it!