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Rudy Project Stratofly Sunglasses Black Anthracite/Smoke

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Static Lenses - RP Optics
RP OpticsTM is a design philosophy that aims to improve visual performance and eye protection by means of selective lenses with high optical and mechanical performance, combined with the most advanced technologies and scientific applications. Rudy Project’s lens program has features common to every type of lens, such as neutralizing ultraviolet radiation completely up to 400 nm (UV 400 Protection), and maintains colors integrity even with the dark filters. Rudy Project’s lenses absorb all ultraviolet rays: the residual transmission is less than 0.001% up to 380 nm, less than 0.1% at 385 nm (the wave length at which the visible spectrum begins). The lens receives an application of metal ions of chrome or silicon oxide, calculated in such a way as to provide a precise absorption factor.

Static Lenses - ImpactX Pure Grey
ImpactX Pure Grey lenses undergo temporary flexible deformation which protects the eyes against dangerous injuries. ensure extraordinary sharp, clear vision with low chromatic dispersion. The lenses also contribute to keeping healthy eyes as they absorb 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The Pure GreyTM colouring is optimised to offer perfect vision on sunny days and is the ideal solution for those who practise outdoor sports with intense exposure to the direct and reflected action of light rays.

The Total Comfort System™ includes the special nose pads and adjustable temples that permit the frames to adapt to any type of face and ensure excellent fit of the glasses. The temple tips can be adjusted in any direction by applying gentle pressure. Rudy Project employs no-slip components that do not fail in the heat of the moment. This unique technology ensures maximum comfort, a perfect fit during any use and eliminates fogging and pinching.

Clip on
Compatible with Rudy Project RX optical inserts which can be snapped behind the lenses for a prescription sunglass alternative.

Safety Project
With IMPACTX™, if the wearer falls or is hit, his eyes are safe. IMPACTX™ is stronger than any other lens material, guaranteed not to break or crack, even in complex rimless frame. Tailor-made IMPACTX™ formula for superior safety and unparalleled protection. IMPACTX™ impact resistance is higher than polycarbonate and passes all impact resistance standards. IMPACTX™ polymer has high thermal stability and is not subject to optical or mechanical distorsions, even when exposed to temperatures in excess of 80°. Unlike polycarbonate and polyamide, ImpactX™ is not attacked by common chemical or solvents.
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