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Rudy Project Tralyx Sunglasses White/Blue (Multi Laser Blue Lenses)

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Literally sculpted by the wind, the Tralyx™ defines the new pinnacle of eyewear bike technology. With its entirely new geometry package and its unique and powerful, dynamic design language, the Tralyx is extreme in both its look and its performance. Outstanding, lightweight styling and phenomenal comfort are combined with unobstructed wide peripheral field of vision to deliver this satisfyingly useful and impressive representative of top quality Rudy Project cycle eyewear. In addition to that, recent technological advances now give you access to the innovative PowerFlow™ system providing unparalleled heat dissipation solutions through the use of vents which have been scientifically incorporated through the entire chassis to enhance air circulation while at the same time ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency and yet, miraculously, having no detrimental effect on rider vision. With the Tralyx eyewear range, Rudy Project is taking a convincing step forward into the future. The big question is, will you be joining them or lagging behind with the amateurs?

Box Contents:
1 x Rudy Project Tralyx Gloss White/Matte Royal Blue Frame with White Logo on Royal Blue
1 x Pair Rudy Project Multi Laser Blue Lenses
1 x Rudy Project Hard Shell Tech Protector Case VI
1 x Rudy Project Microfibre Sunglasses Pouch with drawstring closure
1 x Owner Manual & Warranty Info Book
• Defines the new pinnacle of eyewear bike technology
• Wide, unobstructed peripheral field of vision
• Fully Adjustable Anti-Slip Temples
• Adjustable Anti Slip Nosepads
• Employs innovative PowerFlow system of chassis vents
• Scientifically placed vents enhance air circulation
• Offers maximum aerodynamic efficiency
• Lightweight and strong Grilamid and Kynetium construction frame
• Amazingly comfortable
• Frame design allows for interchangeable lens
• Soft Microfibre drawstring pouch doubles as a lens cleaning cloth (supplied)
• Protective Hard Shell Tech Case (supplied)
• Made in Italy

• Lens Supplied: Non Polarised
• Lens Colours: Multi-Laser Blue Lenses
• Lens Light Transmission: 18%
• Filter Category: 3-N
• Rx Program: Direct in Frame, Rx Adapter
• Frame Colour: Glossy White with Matte Royal Blue tips and White Logo on Royal Blue
• Nose Pad Colour: White/Royal Blue
• Frame Shape: Wrap-around
• Frame Style: Semi Rimless
• Hinge to Hinge: 13cm
• Nose to Hinge: 4cm (depth)
• Gender: Adult Medium Face, Large Face
• Suggested uses: Bike, boat, beach
• Weight: 28g
• Weight: 210g (box & contents)

Quick Change Interchangeable Lenses
• The system of interchangeable lenses called Quick Change is one of the basic technologies of Rudy Project sport sunglasses. Every sunglass has different ways of fitting and removing the lenses. Quick Change technology enables you to easily and swiftly change out your lenses to suit any light condition.

Fully Adjustable Anti-Slip Temples
• Rudy Project sport models have 360 degree adjustable temple tips that can be easily and quickly adjusted by applying gentle pressure. Rudy also utilises non-slip components that do not fail in the heat of your activity. This unique technology ensures maximum comfort and a perfect fit during any use. It also eliminates fogging and pinching.

Adjustable Anti-Slip Nosepads
• Any good sport sunglass needs an adjustable nosepiece. This gives you the ability to fit the glasses to your exact nose bridge shape and width while keeping the glasses snug on your face during extreme activities. Rudy Project sport models employ one of several types of adjustable nosepiece systems that are both comfortable and sturdy. Made of either soft anti-allergenic Silicone or Megol®, they keep the glasses secure on your face and prevent them from sliding down your nose. Rudy Project adjustable nose pieces are outstandingly comfortable and offer an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system can also be used to adjust the glasses’ height and their distance from the face to prevent misting.

RP-D Centered Optics
• The optical axis is maintained parallel to the main axis of vision, permitting maximum utilisation of lenses with an extensive curvature. This works to minimise the incidence of eye fatigue while continuing to provide the wearer with premium optical quality and visual clarity.
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