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Saris Trainer Bundle Whether you’re hiding from the weather or trying to kit out you pain cave the new Saris H3 Trainer Bundle from Pushys has you sorted. Get a saving when you purchase your Saris H3 Trainer with any Saris Trainer Accessory. Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer The Saris H3 trainer has built on it’s predecessors reputation of reliability and durability. The trainer has been meticulously calibrated to measure power, speed, and cadence, as well as a balanced flywheel, all combined into a package that can handle up to 2000W and replicate up to a 20% climbing grade. The most common question about indoor trainers is, “How much noise does it make?” So Saris set out to make a trainer so quiet that all you hear while training is your drivetrain. The result of these efforts is a trainer that only produces 59dB at a speed of 32km/h, the quietest trainer that Saris have ever produced. Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform When thinking about riding on an indoor trainer movement is probably one of the last things to come to your mind – Saris have designed the MP1 Training Platform to help change that. The platform is designed to make the indoor riding experience as immersive as possible so when you get up and out of the saddle rather than the bike fighting against you it moves with you, simulating the feel of riding out in the world. Saris TD1 Indoor Trainer Desk The Saris TD1 Trainer Desk is the ultimate control centre for your training sessions. Featuring a 50cm x 30cm desktop made of laminated birch is both easy to clean and roomy enough for most laptops. It has a built in power strip that opens up not only 2 AC outlets but also 2 USB outlets allowing you to keep everything charged & powered up, even on those longer training sessions. The desk has been designed as part of the Saris trainer eco-system making it the perfect complement to the Saris MP1 Trainer Platform. Saris Indoor Trainer Floor Mat Black The perfect floor protector to pair with your Saris H3 trainer. Not only does it protect the floor from sweat drips, water spills, or bike grime; but it also helps protect more delicate surfaces from the feet of your trainer. The mat is also able to be used for yoga, pilates, & stretching exercises.
Bundle Options Include: Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform Saris TD1 Indoor Trainer Desk Saris Indoor Trainer Floor Mat Black Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer Hub Compatibility • Thru-axle compatible for rear hub widths of 142mm or 148mm • Quick-release compatible for rear hub widths of 130mm and 135mm Compatible with a wide variety of devices • Indoor cycling applications, including Rouvy, Zwift, TrainerRoad • Headless mode (powered on, not paired to any apps) Specifications • Noise Level: 59dB at 32km/h • Power Measurement Accuracy: +/- 2% • Max Power Output: 2000W at 32km/h • Max Simulated Climb: 20% • Max Weight Capacity: 136kg (Rider & Bike) • Cassette Not Included Dimensions • Open: 78.7 x 47.0 x 49.5 (cm) • Closed: 21.8 x 47.0 x 49.5 (cm) • Weight: 21.3kg Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform • Fully assembled out of the box • Built in trainer block • Grip tape for easier walking on the platform Specifications • Max Travel (Fore-Aft): 24cm • Max Angle (Side-Side): 6° • Weight Capacity: 158kg (Rider, Bike, & Trainer) Dimensions • 15 x 160 x 90 (cm) • Weight:28kg Saris TD1 Indoor Trainer Desk • Laminated birch top • Steel frame with corrosion resistant hardware • 180cm AC cable powers 2 AC and 2 USB outlets • Features cable retention clips for easy cable management Dimensions • Desktop: 30 x 50cm • Base: 33 x 81cm • Adjustable Height: 101 x 140cm Saris Indoor Trainer Floor Mat Black • Prevents trainer walking during high intensity workouts • Protects floor from sweat & bike grime Dimensions • 91 x 160cm • 6mm thick