Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform

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A League of its Own Since their inception, bike trainers have set out to solve one problem, simulating outdoor riding, indoors. Then came Smart Trainers and the indoor cycling apps, complete with virtual races, group rides and controlled workouts. Suddenly athletes across disciplines were eager to ride indoors. The indoor training renaissance isn’t over. To make the experience even better, and to harness all the benefits riding indoors has to offer, you need a way to stay comfortable and engaged. The Movement Revolution When you think of riding a stationary bike, chances are “movement” doesn’t come to mind. Sure, you might get out of the saddle, rock left and right to get through a gnarly bit of resistance but the bike stays still and doesn’t respond to your efforts. The “stationary” part of indoor riding has long been necessary to safely ride a bicycle indoors. The bike locks into the trainer, the athlete to the bike, and the trainer is constructed to withstand and not budge with even the hardest efforts. The result is a ride that’s more uncomfortable than it would have been outdoors, and in the end, doesn’t feel much like a “ride” at all. MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform Highlights • Revolutionary tech that brings movement indoors • Compatible with a variety of training configurations; bikes, desks and nearly every trainer available. • Trailblazing: the MP1 ushers in a type of riding never seen or felt before. • Pure Fun: a responsive, immersive and authentic training experience that’s anything but boring. • Get Comfortable: reduces pressure on touch points so you can put in the miles. • Eye-Catching: mix of steel, aluminium and birch compliment most training spaces. • Personalized Ecosystem: put the MP1 at the centre with your trainer of choice to create your ideal training station.
• Technology: Saris Nfinity • Max Fore-Aft Travel: 24cm • Max Side-to-Side Angle: 6° • Compatible with major brands and models of bike trainers • Materials: Steel, aluminium and birch • Weight: 28kgs • Dimensions: 15cm tall x 160cm long x 90cm wide • Fully assembled in box • Grip tape assists in walking on the trainer platform • Max combined weight (Rider, Bike and Trainer) of 158kgs • Built-in front wheel block for road and MTB