Schwalbe Big Apple KR 26 x 2.35 Reflective Street Tyre

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Schwalbe Big Apple Air suspension built-in. We completely revised the extra-wide Big Apple tire. The pronounced profile combined with the RaceGuard protection belt now makes it even more suitable for everyday life. Enjoy unique Balloonbike comfort. Because life is hard enough. Features - Excellent comfort - Low rolling resistance - Great, on road or path, grip - Good puncture resistance - Reflective strip on the side wall The Big Apple has won the MTBR best of award for 29er tyres, two years in a row. Big Apple for Touring The Big Apple is an exceptional tire and for on road and trail touring. Make sure it fits and for the most comfortable ride go with the biggest one that will fit. For the best pedal efficiency go with the smaller ones. Pedal efficiency is unexpectedly good on all sizes of the tire in any case. Also It is very quiet and has excellent flotation and shock absorption. Tire pressure can easily be adjusted higher for maximum pedal efficiency or lower for maximum shock absorption effect which is considerable on the larger Big Apples. There are limitations with this tire. It is not a knobby and will have issues in really slimy conditions other than that it does remarkably well. One caveat, this tire is not a light weight and even though you might be tempted, do not put a heavy duty thick or sealant filled tube in it. It greatly lowers pedal efficiency and feel in this tire. The tires Kevlar guard puncture protection belt works well for most road conditions anyway.