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Selle SMP Hybrid Saddle Black

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What constitutes a fine piece of cycling componentry is a debatable topic. Surely attention to detail, an intense passion for cutting-edge performance and an aesthetically pleasing design all factor into the equation. With all Selle SMP saddles, these elements are well and truly accounted for. The 100% handmade-in-Italy saddles have seen years of research, product development, rider feedback and the constant pursuit of excellence to help arrive at a range sure to suit all riders in all disciplines. With anatomically contoured frames, specific dimensions and the finest in materials, Selle SMP’s aim is simple: to deliver you a better cycling experience.

• Saddle design prevents sensitive areas from getting squashed
• Allows continuous circulation of blood flow
• Dimensions: 275x140mm
• Weight: 320g
• Covering: SMP vacuum tech, soft polyurethane synthetic material
• Rails: AISI 304 tubular steel
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