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SH+ Shabli Evo Aeroshell Unisize Black

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SH+ Shabli Evo Aeroshell Unisize Black

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Compatible with the SH+ Shabli EVO helmet this simple little Aeroshell is going to make a world of difference to your cycling adventures. Suppose, for instance, that you have a time trial coming up and no aero helmet... Or, you might be really into Cyclocross where the weather can get so nasty or wet that you'll wish you had a cover for every one of those 26 SH+ helmet vents... Or, maybe it's just too darn cold outside and you need a little warm & cosy comfort. Well, worry no more because the SH Plus Aeroshell is here to save the day. And, of course, it's also no coincidence that SH+ have an ingenious way of securing their aero shell which involves feeding the strap anchors that attach at the front quarter of the helmet through the holes in the shell to hold it securely in place. With the straps to keep it from flying off you can focus fully on your ride, and best of all this shell system is one of the only ones that is approved by the UCI and it will also fit nicely in the EVO helmet's drawstring carry bag along with your helmet. Brilliant!!
• Improves aerodynamic performance
• Attaches easily to the top of your helmet
• Removable Aero shield lowers air drag in racing conditions
• Creates an effective barrier against wind and rain
• Great protection against the cold during winter months
• Available in a variety of colours
• Superb Italian craftsmanship
• Strong and super-lightweight construction
• Aerodynamic claim backed by extensive wind tunnel testing
• Transports easily with your EVO helmet in the SH+ carry bag
• Compatible with: SH+ Shabli EVO helmets
• Size: Unisize Sml-Lge (55-60) one size fits all
• Weight: 42g
• Made in Italy
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