Shimano DURA-ACE R9200 2x12 Di2 Launch Pack

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DURA-ACE R9200: Built without compromise Shimano’s study in the science of speed has taken developments to a completely new level. The freshly redesigned DURA-ACE groupset provides an abundance of evidence that Shimano will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of next-level speed. Di2 Shifting Platform: Faster & More Reliable than Ever Before The DURA-ACE R9200 groupset debuts a completely revised Di2 platform with improve shifting speed whilst introducing a wireless shifter-derailleur connection while maintaining the signature reliability. The new Di2 platform features an improved motor design which decreases the processing speed of the derailleur, which in turn results in Shimano’s fastest derailleurs ever. The resulting time saving may be a fraction of a second but the result is a 58% decrease in operating time in the rear and a 45% in the front. System reliability is maintained through the use of a wired connection where it makes the most sense, between the battery and derailleurs. Using updated smaller diameter, and therefore lighter, wires for the connection from the battery to the front & rear derailleurs results in a simple solution that ensures a stable and high voltage connection to both derailleurs. Shimano’s testing shows that the new BT-DN300 battery can last 1000km between charges while the shifters are powered by CR1632 coin-style batteries which last approximately 1.5-2 years. The new rear derailleur is no longer just a derailleur. Built into the derailleur is not only the new system charging port but also the connection point to the STI shifters via Shimano’s proprietary circuit, the ANT+ connection unit for connecting third-party devices, and replacing the junction box. Control Interface: Ergonomic, Customizable, & Clean Over the years professional and performance riders have changed their preferences for their riding position. Shimano saw this and decided to work in conjunction with many professional riders to study these changes. From this Shimano have successfully balance comfort, looks, aerodynamic gains, and ergonomics, whether your preferred riding style is climbing, sprinting, or time trials. The new shifters feature various ergonomic shifters like a raised head portion and an increase to the area between the shifter and handlebar to bring new levels of comfort and control. Another ergonomically driven change is the increase in offset between the Di2 buttons on the lever, which allows for better differentiation between the up-shift and down-shift buttons, especially with gloves or wet fingers. The change to wireless shifting allows for a clean cockpit and no shift cable ports in the frame or handlebars. Paired with internal brake hose routing it allows for a truly clean cockpit. Cables can be used for the mounting of sprint or climbing shifter buttons. These can be used with handlebars with integrated ports for an even cleaner setup. As with previous generations of Di2, the R9200 series is customisable through the E-TUBE app. This allows for preferences such as Synchronized or Semi-Synchro shifting, Multi-Shift, shifting speed and STI shift button mapping to be set up on the go. The new generation also allows connections with third party cycling computers to display your Di2 information. Drivetrain System: Quick & Shockless Shifting The new R9200 series is also the debut of Shimano’s new 12-speed road technologies. The new 12-speed cassette retains the 11T top gear but has been optimised in the sweet spot gears. The gearing between 6th, 7th, and 8th sprockets has been optimised for the Shimona hallmark of smooth and consistent steps. The ramped profile of the cassette allows for smoother gear shifts, even under heavy load, no matter whether you're moving up or down the cassette. The updated front derailleur promises a 33% smaller frontal area, brings a weight drop of 96g, and offers capacity for big rings ranging from 50T to 55T. Paired with the cassette options including 11-30T & 11-34T the R9200 groupset offers higher transmission efficiency than smaller chainring options and helps pro riders chase ever-increasing speeds. Brake System: Finer Control, Quieter, Maintenance-Friendly Races can be decided in the corners, so improved braking can be the difference between a podium finish and a disappointment. Adopting the SERVO WAVE technology from Shimano’s MTB & Gravel brake systems means the new R9200 system has a shorter free stroke and can get a more immediate connection between pads and rotors, allowing for better modulation and feathering of the brakes, resulting in more speed carry-through and more confidence in technical situations. Brake maintenance has been improved with the new design no longer requiring the caliper to be removed from the frame to bleed the brakes. This is thanks to a separate bleed port and valve screw, paired with a new funnel and bleed spacer the R9200 has a far more streamlined bleeding process.
What’s Included • Front Derailleur: Shimano DURA-ACE FD-R9250 2x Di2 Front Derailleur Braze-On • Rear Derailleur: Shimano DURA-ACE RD-R9250 12-Speed Di2 Rear Derailleur • Cassette: Shimano DURA-ACE CS-R9200 11-30T 12-Speed Cassette • Shifters: Shimano DURA-ACE ST-R9270 Left/Right Levers • Front Brake: Shimano DURA-ACE BR-R9270 Disc Brake Caliper • Rear Brake: Shimano DURA-ACE BR-R9270 Disc Brake Caliper • Chain: Shimano DURA-ACE CN-M9100 12-Speed 116 Link Chain with Quicklinks • Wires: Shimano EW-SD300 Di2 Internal Electric Wire (900mm & 1200mm) • Battery: Shimano BT-DN300 Di2 Internal Battery • Charger: Shimano EW-EC300 Charging Cable for RD-R9250/RD-R8150 170cm