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Shimano Saint BL-M820-B-L Left Lever BR-M820 Rear Disc Brake Caliper

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Shimano Saint is now in its third Generation. With new advanced Saint ICE Technologies, brake levers feature shorter more ergonomic levers coupled with tool free, lever adjustment and adjustable free stroke for precision set up and customisation. One way bleeding and the Servo Wave cam system ensures consistency, that coupled with the included finned Ice Tech pads to combat heat build-up on long descents, the Shimano Saint is possibly one of the most powerful and consistent brakes available today. With multi sized pistons, allowing greater bite force on the front of the pads than the rear, giving an overall more powerful brake.
• ICE TECHNOLOGIES heat management including brake pads with aluminium fins, Ice-Tech rotor with radiator fins and extra-long banjo hose
• High-performance calliper with 4-ceramic pistons in two different diameters
• Ergonomic anti-slip 1.5 finger brake lever
• Servo Wave Mechanism with short lever stroke
• Adjustable free stroke and tool-less reach adjustment
• One-way bleed system: quick, easy and clean with funnel tool
• 2nd generation I-spec-B-B compatible
• Comes pre bled and ready to use. (However, you may need to cut the cable to length, whch would require bleeding the system)
• Weight: 302g (front brake incl. brake lever, hose, brake)
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