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SIDI Kaos Road Shoes Black/Black

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SIDI Kaos Road Shoes Black/Black

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For superb performance, whether racing or training, the SIDI Cape comes into its own. Featuring some of SIDI’s superior technologies like their Soft Instep Closure System and Tecno 3 System, get ready to add some pace to your ride.

The Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole features injected carbon fibre in a matrix of Nylon, providing more rigidity than a standard nylon sole. The Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole is also more durable, completely non water-absorbent and mechanically stable, meaning it’s less susceptible to changes in stiffness resulting from aging, prolonged usage, and changes in temperature or humidity. An anti-slip toe insert and replaceable polyurethane heel pad are incorporated into the Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole, for walkability. The Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole uses a standard 3-hole drilling pattern for compatibility with the best pedal systems available, and includes a printed 10 mm lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment scale on the sole as well as the Look Memory Eyelet for easy cleat alignment and replacement.

The Soft Instep 2 is a wide, anatomically curved strap combined with a soft, thermo-formed EVA pad that distributes pressure evenly over the instep area. The Soft Instep Closure System is adjustable from both sides, to perfectly centre the EVA pad over a high or low instep. The system eliminates the need for the High Instep Extender.

SIDI’s Tecno 3 System dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. SIDI’s famously reliable and replaceable closures are improved by an all new proprietary SIDI Wire material that is completely non-binding for intuitive and effortless on-the-fly adjustments. Like most SIDI small parts, the Tecno-3 Buckle is serviceable and replaceable.

The micrometric closure called Caliper Buckle is adjustable by lifting the central buckle. In order to completely open, lift together both side buckles, or push the centre button to slightly loosen one tooth at the time. The system is also adjustable during a race.
The reinforced heel keeps the foot in an optimal position and avoids the shoe being deformed by extreme performance or prolonged pressure.
• Upper: Synthetic upper
• Sole: Millenium 4 carbon composite sole
• Technology: Soft Instep 2, Caliper Buckle, Tecno 3 System, SIDI Heel Cup, Replaceable Heel Pad
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