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Silca Floor Pump Side-Lever Locking Presta Valve Chuck

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Silca Floor Pump Side-Lever Locking Presta Valve Chuck

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Dialling in the pressure on disc wheels can be a nightmare, but it becomes an absolute joy with the Silca Hiro Stainless Steel Side-Lever Locking Disc Chuck. The side lever lets you lock it onto the valve stem in disc wheels, while the rotating head allows for easy alignment of the chuck and valve stem, helping to eliminate hose twist in even the most convoluted situations. An adjustable 253 gasket lets you nail the perfect fit on any valve, even as it wears, and Silca is already making replacement gaskets available, even though they guarantee the functionality of the Locking Disc Chuck for up to 25 years. In true Silca fashion, it ensured the textured knurl was grippy even if it got wet or greasy, but not so rough that it would tear up your fingers, and manufactured every stainless steel part to exact specifications and tiny tolerances, so it will work just as well in 50 years as it does the day you take it out of the packaging.
• Bullet-proof high-pressure, disc compatible chuck for high pressure situations
• Single hand usage
• Suitable for road and track situations
• NO hose clamps
• 250+psi capability
• Extremely durable
• SILCA 253 High-Tech Elastomer gasket included
• Compatible with SILCA Thread-On Schrader Adapter to fit to bare hose (sold separately)
• Unique rotating head allows the chuck to more easily align with the valve stem
• Eliminates hose twist regardless of wheel orientation
• Stainless steel
• Construction guaranteed for 25 years
• 100% Made in USA
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