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SIS Team Sky 3 Hour Fuel Pack with 550ml Bottle

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SIS Team Sky 3 Hour Fuel Pack with 550ml Bottle

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There's no time like the present to grab this incredible SIS Team SKY 3 Hour Fuel Pack with both hands and let your head run wild with dreams of one day riding with the Team SKY race stars. Packed with everything you need for a 3-hour ride and recovery, it even includes the Team SKY rider issue 2016 Bidon (water bottle) that is sure to make other riders envious when they spot it sitting sweetly in your bottle cage. All of the products included in the pack are the exact same ones used by Team SKY riders throughout 2016 and are specifically designed for elite endurance athletes wanting to take on 60g of carbs during exercise. It’s also highly recommended that you follow the 5-step process on the rear of the pack to achieve optimum results. This kit is a well-priced, quality combination of Before, During & After exercise nutrition so your body can compete harder & recover faster.
Pack Contents:
1 x Team Sky Rider Issue 2016 Bidon (water bottle)
2 x GO Electrolyte Lemon Lime Powder Sachets 40g
1 x GO Energy + Caffeine Berry Gel 60mL
1 x GO Isotonic Energy Lemon & Lime Gel 60mL
1 x GO Isotonic Energy Orange Gel 60mL
1 x GO Isotonic Energy Blackcurrant Gel 60mL
1 x GO Energy Bar Chocolate Fudge 40g
1 x REGO Rapid Recovery Chocolate Powder Sachet 50g
Total Pack Weight: 630g
SiS GO Electrolyte Powdered Sports Drink Sachet 40g - Lemon & Lime
For fast hydration plus sustained energy before & during exercise the SiS GO Electrolyte is the go-to product. Supplied with this pack are 2 x sachets of Lemon/Lime flavoured carbohydrate energy drink mix with electrolytes and sweetener which can be mixed in the impressive Team SKY Rider Issue 2016 water bottle included in the box. Research and user feedback has shown this powder to be as light on the stomach as water and fully capable of providing fast hydration and sustained energy. Delivering energy to your muscles, and carefully balanced electrolytes to enhance your body's ability to absorb water during exercise, it serves to maintain your endurance performance and protect against painful & inconvenient cramp. Use it before sport to prepare and during sport when you are sweating heavily. For a great balance of energy and hydration there's nothing better than SiS GO Electrolyte powders to keep you at peak performance levels so you can train harder, race faster and recover quicker.

SIS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Sachet 60mL
The SIS GO Isotonic Energy Gel is one of the few that can be consumed on-the-go without making you reach for the water bottle right after. Amazing, right? That's because it's been specially formulated so you don't get that sticky-throat feeling you've previously experienced with some other energy gel products. In each 60mL sachet, the flavoured SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel delivers 25g of precisely formulated carbohydrate energy to give you enough boost for around 20-30 minutes exercise. You'll love how clean in the mouth it is and you may even notice how easy it is to digest but honestly, the main reason you'll want to team up with a partner like SIS (Science In Sport) is because they truly understand how the endurance sports body works, and if you're determined to improve your physical endurance results, then SIS (Science In Sport) is definitely the partner for you.

SiS GO Energy Bar 40g - Chocolate Fudge
Picture this - a delicious chocolate fudge-flavoured, chewy fruit and cereal bar that gives you energy fast and is small enough to slip into a jersey pocket for a mid-race boost. The SiS GO Energy Bar combines a scientific approach with real fruits and wholesome ingredients to satisfy even the most demanding energy needs. Try one today and you'll be convinced that the SiS GO Energy Bar is not only moist, delicious and easy to digest but is also perfectly suited to your 'before' or 'during' exercise routine. Proven by thousands of athletes in the world's toughest races to be immensely beneficial in extending physical endurance levels, they can even serve as an energy loading snack between meals.

SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel 60ml - Berry flavoured
The award-winning gel technology employed in the Berry-flavoured SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel delivers fast energy with a caffeine boost that's extremely easy to take. It's clean in the mouth and easy to digest so if you like your energy boosts to come with the benefits of caffeine this one will certainly do the trick for you. Use it before or during sport for added physical and mental focus when you want to get an edge. SIS (Science In Sport) truly understands how the sports body works, and if you're determined to improve your physical performance results, then SIS (Science In Sport) is definitely the partner you want working for you.

SiS REGO Rapid Recovery Powder Sachet 50g - Chocolate
For a rapid post-activity bounce-back, the SiS REGO Rapid Recovery Powder makes a tasty Chocolate-flavoured protein-carbohydrate recovery drink mix with sweetener which can be relied upon to help your muscles recover and rebuild. It's a full-spectrum recovery product consisting of a special blend of protein, carbohydrate, electrolytes & minerals designed for use after periods of intense training. Once you see how it helps your body to adapt to increased training demands and recover quickly for the next training session you'll understand why people like Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman invested so much time into perfecting the formula. Easy on the stomach, so it can be taken after hard exercise it is the complete recovery product that no athlete should be without.

SiS Elite Team SKY 550ml Bottle (Blue Sky/White)
Whether you're more of a spectator fan of Team SKY or you have aspirations of joining the team one day, this is the only Bidon to have in your bottle cage from now on. This Team SKY Rider Issue 2016 Bidon is a 550mL capacity bottle which will be perfect for mixing your powdered energy drinks to keep you hydrated and energised all day long. It features a wide neck for easy filling & cleaning and is sized to suit the grip of your hand for easy squeezing. Easy-to-read, graduated water level markers have been printed down the side of the bottle right next to a see-thru panel giving you full view of how full or empty your bottle is. There's even an enlarged thread on the lid so it takes just two twists to remove or replace it. Produced in radiant Team SKY colours so it stands out anywhere you go it's highly likely you'll finish up using it on AND OFF the bike because you love it so much. Don't laugh. We know you will.
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