ByK Bikes Sizing Chart
ByK Bike Size Guide

Bike ModelWheel SizeCompares ToAge GroupRider HeightMin Seat Height
E-200200mm12" Bike2 - 4 yrsSmall - MidSize33cm
E-250250mm12" Bike3 - 5 yrs85 - 102cm40cm
E-350350mm16" Bike4 - 6 yrs95 - 117cm46cm
E-450450mm20" Bike5 - 8 yrs110 - 132cm59cm
E-540540mm24" Bike7 - 11 yrs130 - 160cm66cm
E-620620mm26" Bike10 - 14 yrs142.5 - 175cm71cm

How To Determine Your Size

— Bike Size —Explained
A Note From ByK Bikes:ByK Bikes are not categorised by the old imperial sizings of the past (like 12", 16", 20", or 24"). They use the metric system to describe their wheel sizes as 200mm, 250mm, 350mm, 450mm, 540mm and 620mm. Please use this chart to determine the bike size best suited to your young rider.

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