FIST Sizing Chart
FIST - Adult Gloves

Palm Size (cm)7.5 - 8cm8 - 8.5cm8.5 - 9cm9 - 9.5cm9.5 - 10cm10 - 10.5cm

FIST - Youth Gloves

Palm Size (cm)7 - 7.5cm7.5 - 8cm8 - 8.5cm8.5 - 9cm9 - 9.5cm

FIST - Adult T-Shirts | Jerseys

Chest (cm)91 - 95cm95 - 100cm100 - 105cm105 - 110cm110 - 115cm115 - 130cm130 - 135cm
Length (cm)71.7cm73.3cm75cm77cm78cm81.5cm83.1cm

FIST - Adult Socks

US Shoe Size6 - 8.59 - 13
UK Shoe Size5.5 - 88.5 - 12.5

How To Determine Your Size

Gloves: Measurement Guide
Palm Size:Measure the circumference of your dominant/stronger hand around the widest part of your palm, just below the base of the index finger. Do not include your thumb in the measurement.
FIST Gloves Tip:FIST gloves are intended to be a snug fit.

T/Shirts & Jerseys: Measurement Guide
Chest Size:Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your upper chest just under your arm pits.
Front Length:Indicates garment length from the high point of the shoulder to the front hem.

Socks: Measurement Guide
Shoe Size:These socks match with common international shoe sizes.

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