Fizik Sizing Chart
Fizik Shoes

EuropeUSAUKFoot Length
EU 36US 4 1/4UK 3 1/4230mm
EU 36.5US 4 3/4UK 3 3/4233.5mm
EU 37US 5 1/4UK 4 1/4237mm
EU 37.5US 5 1/2UK 4 1/2240mm
EU 38US 6UK 5243.5mm
EU 38.5US 6 1/4UK 5 1/4247mm
EU 39US 6 3/4UK 5 3/4250mm
EU 39.5US 7UK 6253.5mm
EU 40US 7 1/2UK 6 1/2257mm
EU 40.5US 8UK 7260mm
EU 41US 8 1/4UK 7 1/4263.5mm
EU 41.5US 8 3/4UK 7 3/4267mm
EU 42US 9UK 8270mm
EU 42.5US 9 1/2UK 8 1/2273.5mm
EU 43US 9 3/4UK 8 3/4277mm
EU 43.5US 10 1/4UK 9 1/4280mm
EU 44US 10 3/4UK 9 3/4283.5mm
EU 44.5US 11UK 10287mm
EU 45US 11 1/2UK 10 1/2290mm
EU 45.5US 11 3/4UK 10 3/4293.5mm
EU 46US 12 1/4UK 11 1/4297mm
EU 46.5US 12 1/2UK 11 1/2300mm
EU 47US 13UK 12303.5mm
EU 47.5US 13 1/2UK 12 1/2307mm
EU 48US 13 3/4UK 12 3/4310mm

Fizik Socks

Measure PointSmallMediumLarge
Shoe Size (EU)EU 36 - 40EU 41 - 44EU 45 - 48
Pushys SizingX-Small/SmallMedium/LargeX-Large

How To Determine Your Size

— Shoes —How To Measure
Shoe Size:These shoes match with common international shoe sizes.
Foot Length:Place a piece of A4 paper on the floor up against a wall. With the back of your heel against the wall, stand on the paper and have someone place a pencil mark on it at the top of your longest toe. Do this with BOTH feet and select the sock size for your larger foot.

— Socks —How To Measure
Shoe Size:Most sock sizes match common international shoe sizes.

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