Sidi Sizing Chart
Sidi Shoe Size Chart

Sidi Shoe SizeFoot LengthUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe Size
SIDI 36220mmUK 3.5
SIDI 37226mmUK 4.2
SIDI 38234mmUK 4.8US 5
SIDI 39240mmUK 5.5US 6
SIDI 40246mmUK 6.5US 6.75
SIDI 41254mmUK 7.3US 7.5
SIDI 42260mmUK 8.1US 8.25
SIDI 43266mmUK 8.9US 9.25
SIDI 44274mmUK 9.6US 9.75
SIDI 45280mmUK 10.5US 10.5
SIDI 46286mmUK 10.2US 11.5
SIDI 47294mmUK 12US 12.25
SIDI 48300mmUK 12.7US 13
SIDI 49306mmUK 13.6US 14
SIDI 50314mmUK 14.5US 15
SIDI 51320mmUK 15.2US 16
SIDI 52326mmUK 15.6

How To Determine Your Size

— Shoes —How To Measure
Shoe Size:These shoes match with common international shoe sizes.
Foot Length:Place a piece of A4 paper on the floor up against a wall. With your heel approximately 1mm away from the wall, stand on the paper and have someone place a pencil mark on it at the top of your longest toe. Do this with BOTH feet and select the shoe size for your larger foot.

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