Stan's NoTubes 21mm Tape/55mm Valve Road/Gravel Tubeless Kit

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Why Go Tubeless? Upgrading to a tubeless tyre set up could likely be the most cost effective way to improve your bikes performance and your enjoyment on the road. A tubeless set up will improve your riding ability and speed whilst also reducing the potential threat of flats. This new kit from Stan's contains everything you need to set up your road or gravel wheels to be tubeless. The kit includes detailed instructions on how to make the set up and the process is easy. The kit includes the sealant needed to be able to insert into the tyre, new valves with removeable valve cores and the rime tape to seal up your rim. Improved Traction and Control Tubeless tyre setups provide the rider with improved traction that is gained from better control and choice over tyre pressures. Tubeless tyres are better able to contour to the surface. This ability to contour allows the rider to maintain grip whilst riding over a range of surfaces. This will in turn allow the rider to ride faster whilst remaining in control. Lower Weight and Decreased Rolling Resistance Switching from tubes to tubeless will allow the rider to ride with a lower air pressure that helps to decrease the rolling resistance. There is also a weight saving to be made when moving from tubes to tubeless. This benefit is multiplied because rotational weight is the most important weight to reduce. A wheel with decreased rotational weight will let you accelerate faster meaning you can ride longer with less fatigue. Less Flat Tyres A tubeless set up will lower the probability of getting a flat tyre compared with a tubed set up. A tubeless set up will get considerably less pinch flats, this is because there is no inner tube. The sealant is also able to repair punctures up to 6.5mm almost instantly. This will work for nails, glass, rocks or by a hard impact on the trail that can cut your tyre. How Does It Work? Stan's simple tubeless system begins with Stan's yellow tape. Unlike some tapes that allow moisture to pass through them and into the rim cavity causing a mess and corrosion, Stan's tape forms a non-permeable vapor barrier for airtight protection. The two valves are tried and tested providing easy tool free installation. The valve also feature removeable cores so that refreshing the sealant is simple. Stan's liquid sealant stays in your tyre and will seal a sudden puncture almost instantly. The mountain bike kit comes in four different sizes. Each kit will be designed to work with a specific rim width.
• Road/Gravel Tubeless Kit • 21mm rim tape (Designed to be used with 30mm rims) • 55mm valve • Includes valve core removal tool • 118mm of sealent (Perfect for setting up two MTB tyres)