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STRIDER Toddler Race Jersey Blue

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Putting a smile on your child’s face isn't always easy to do, but just watch their eyes light up when you present them with one of these bright, colourful, Strider toddler race jerseys. They'll love the idea of feeling all 'grown-up' like Mum and Dad. Perfect for children from 18 months to 5 years old, the Strider jersey fits true to size features non-fade graphics on front and back. Made from soft, silky, durable and lightweight polyester it also has an extremely comfortable stretch rib collar with a soft collar tag label. It's well made and will stand up to lots of rigorous wear and tear, not to mention repeated runs through the washing machine. Long sleeves provide sun protection and warmth, however the fabric breathes exceptionally well to prevent overheating. If your toddler can walk, and your family loves cycling together, then now is the time to add a Strider jersey to your young ones' wardrobe.

• Comfortable stretch rib collar with soft collar tag label
• Non-Fade graphics on front and back
• Light Weight
• 100% Polyester
• Fits true to size
• Machine Washable
• Perfect for your toddler
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