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Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape Neon Yellow

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Life's too short to live a boring existence, so throw some colour onto your handlebars and let the rest of the world see the real you. And all you need is a bit of daring, an element of dash, a box of Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape and a little bit of free time to make it happen. Featuring Supacaz's distinctive, embossed Frost Print Tile Pattern this SSK bar tape is the kind of extremely tacky, yet easily cleanable, high-end bar tape that riders have only dared to dream about - until now. With this amazing tape on your handlebars you can 'live the dream' all year round - even when you're sleeping. Box Contents 2 x Super Sticky Kush Single Colour Bar Tape Rolls (enough to do right & left handlebars) 2 x Star Bar Plugz (100% Aluminium) 2 x Strips Patterned Finishing Tape to complement your bar tape Easy Install Though it might take a few tries to get the tension and overlap just right, the estimated install time for bar tape is approx 30 minutes for first-timers; 15 minutes or less for experienced mechanics. Supplied with the pack are two generously measured lengths of matching bar tape. The distinctive pattern helps to line up the tape as you're wrapping it around the bars and the good amount of stretch allowed in the tape enables it to be pulled taut around the handlebars.
Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Single-Colour Bar Tape Top notch performance tape with just enough squish to provide effective vibration damping and offer a little extra comfort into the bargain. It has a distinctly satisfying feel in the hands which adds a pleasure to the art of riding a bicycle that's often missing from other brands of tape. The tape also has a high level of grip which makes riding without gloves very easy, and even when your hands are dusty or sweaty, the tape won't slip or let you down. • High performance bar tape of choice for World Champions and Gold Medallists • Delivers a strong and impressive identity to your bikes' bars • Provides unparalleled comfort, control and longevity • Silicone gel cushioned for comfort & effective vibration absorption • Tacky, anti-slip properties for super-grip • So grippy you can ride with or without gloves • Easy Clean - it's the only truly cleanable high-end tape around • Lasts 5 times longer than traditional bar tape • Hand-stitched for maximum strength and durability • Easy to install • Features the much loved Supacaz Frost Print Tile Pattern • Eye-catching colour combinations • 2 x Strips matching patterned finishing tape supplied • Material: PolyUrethane (PU) • Tape Width: 30mm • Tape Thickness: 3mm • Tape Length: 2160mm • Weight: 48g (1 x Roll Tape with Star Plug) • Weight: 32g (1 x Roll Tape without end plug) • Suits: Road Race | Time Trial | Cyclo Cross | Urban Commute | Touring | MTB Bar Tape Top Layer: Super Sticky PU • Long lasting performance that stays looking new • Extremely tacky yet easily cleanable advanced polyurethane • Highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat • Embossed with the much loved Frost Print Tile Pattern to create the unique Supacaz look • Embossed Supercaz Frost Print Tile Pattern also increases the overall tackiness of the tape Bar Tape Middle Layer: Comfort Kush Foam • Exclusive compound which maximizes the Kush from the thinnest amount of foam • Shock absorbing qualities to improve bike handling in the downhill and rough conditions Bar Tape Bottom Layer: Nano Thin Adhesive • Designed to deliver ultimate stick with no added weight Star Plugz No cheap plastic bar plugs here! Supacaz produce their own very cool Star Plugs. They're made from 100% aluminium with an expanding wedge inside operated by a 3mm Allen key. Distinctive laser-etched graphics on the plug heads sweeten the deal by complementing the bar tape they accompany. Simply push the plug into the end of the handlebar, tighten the bolt and you're left with a very neat and tidy finish. Yes, it's finishing touches like this which really push Supacaz bar tape products miles ahead of the rest, and add to the overall awesomeness of your bike. • 100% Aluminum Bar Plugs • Laser-etched with Supacaz Star logo • Core Width: 17.7mm • Head Width: 23.6mm • Length: 33.6mm • Weight: 15g (1 x Star Plug) • Supplied: 2 x Screw-in, star-patterned bar plugs (100% Aluminum) • Presented with either anodised or powder-coated finish as seen appropriate by Supacaz Finishing Tape • Super-light in weight • Colour chosen to complement your bar tape • Features Supacaz Frost Print Tile Pattern • Width: 25mm • Length: 200mm