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Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Galaxy Bar Tape White/Red

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Freshen Up The Look Of Your Bars Life's too short to live a boring existence, so throw some personality onto your handlebars and let the rest of the world see the real you. All you need is a box of SUPACAZ SUPER STICKY KUSH GALAXY BAR TAPE and a little bit of free time to freshen up the look of your bars to match the way you feel inside. Embossed Frost Print Tile Pattern Adds Grip Outwardly, the tape is embossed with the beloved SUPACAZ Frost Print Tile Pattern upon White tape with scattered Neon Red Frost Prints along its length. This not only gives the tape a distinctively stylish appearance but also wicks away moisture and maximises grip. Red Star Plugz (bar end plugs) add a finishing touch to the package which is certain to ignite a flame of an inner excitement you haven't felt since you were a kid. Shock-Absorbing Kush Foam The middle layer consists of Kush Foam, an exclusive compound which maximises vibration isolation via the thinnest amount of foam. Its shock-absorbing qualities drastically improve bike handling on the corners, downhill, and in rough conditions. SUPACAZ SUPER STICKY KUSH GALAXY BAR TAPE also has a high level of grip which makes riding without gloves very easy. Even when your hands are dusty or sweaty, it won't slip or let you down. Bar Tape of Choice for Peter Sagan - World Cycling Champ Acknowledged by Supercaz as the bar tape of choice for World Cycling Champion, Peter Sagan, this SSK bar tape is the kind of extremely tacky, yet easily cleanable, high-end bar tape that riders absolutely love. Send Us A Selfie With Your New Bars SUPACAZ SUPER STICKY KUSH GALAXY BAR TAPE comes with enough tape to do right & left handlebars. Finishing Strips and Bar Plugs are also included too so grab a pack today and let us know what you think of your new bars. Maybe even send us a selfie with them so we can admire your handiwork. Box Contents 2 x Super Sticky Kush Galaxy Bar Tape Rolls (enough to do right & left handlebars) 2 x Star Bar Plugz 2 x Strips Patterned Finishing Tape Easy Install Though it might take a few tries to get the tension and overlap just right, the estimated install time for bar tape is approx 30 minutes for first-timers; 15 minutes or less for experienced mechanics. Supplied with the pack are two generously measured lengths of matching bar tape. The distinctive pattern helps to line up the tape as you're wrapping it around the bars and the good amount of stretch allowed in the tape enables it to be pulled taut around the handlebars.
• Tacky, anti-slip bar tape for super-grip • Silicone gel cushioned Super Sticky Kush tape • Impressive vibration absorption • Remains tacky in wet conditions • Highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat • So grippy you can ride with or without gloves • Unparalleled comfort, control and longevity • Enough tape to do right & left handlebars • Finishing strips and bar plugs included • Easy to install • Supacaz Frost Print Tile Pattern • Tape of choice for World Champions & Gold Medallists Extra Points Of Interest • Delivers a personalised identity to your bikes' bars • Very easy to clean • Lasts 5 times longer than traditional bar tape • Hand-stitched for maximum strength and durability Specifications • Product Name: SSK Galaxy Bar Tape • Colour Name: White/Red (white tape/red frost motifs) • Material: Polyurethane (PU) • Tape Width: 30mm • Tape Thickness: 3mm • Tape Length: 2160mm • Weight: 48g (1 x Roll Tape with Star Plug) • Weight: 32g (1 x Roll Tape without end plug) • Suits: Road Race | Time Trial | Cyclo Cross | Urban Commute | Touring | MTB Star Plugz Description These SUPACAZ STAR PLUGZ have an Aluminium head and a Polycarbonate body with an expanding wedge inside operated by a 3mm Allen key. The distinctive laser-etched graphics sweeten the deal by complementing the bar tape your plug will accompany. Simply push the plug into the end of the handlebar, tighten the bolt and you're left with a very neat and tidy finish. And, with the SUPACAZ patented Lock Tight Crown Design your plugs will never fall out. Star Plugz Features • Aluminium head for longevity • Polycarbonate body • Screw-in style • Laser-etched with Supacaz Star logo Finishing Tape • 2 x Finishing tape strips supplied • Colour is chosen to complement your bar tape • Super-light in weight • Features Supacaz Frost Print Tile Pattern • Width: 25mm • Length: 200mm