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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR GPS Sports Watch All Black

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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR GPS Sports Watch All Black

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The Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR is an advanced multisport GPS watch with wrist heart rate measurement, colour touch screen, 100m water resistance and up to 12hrs of battery life in training mode. The Spartan Sport comes with 80 pre-set sport modes and in-depth sport specific metrics. Follow your progress and train smarter with community training insights available in Suunto Movescount. All Spartan Sport watches are hand-made in Finland.

Wrist heart rate technology measures heart rate via LEDs that track blood flow in your wrist. This means that you can see your heart rate data during a specific activity or in daily use without a chest heart rate strap.

How does the wrist heart rate work?
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR uses optical heart rate monitoring technology created by Valencell, the leading innovator in wearable biometric data sensor technology.

In practice, the optical heart rate sensor on the underside of the watch shines light into user's wrist using LEDs and measures the amount of light that is scattered by blood flow. This is based on the fact that light entering the body will scatter in a predictable manner when the blood flow dynamics change, such as with changes in blood pulse rate or with changes in blood volume (cardiac output).

What are the benefits of wrist heart rate measurement?
The benefit of wrist heart rate is the convenience – the possibility to measure heart rate without having to wear a separate heart rate belt or other sensor.

Is wrist heart rate accurate and reliable?
Wrist heart rate technology has developed with great steps over the past few years, although it's not quite reaching the accuracy of heart rate measured with a chest strap like Suunto Smart Sensor. Currently, the best wrist measurements stay 90% of the time within 5% of the chest-measured heart rate.

Optical heart rate measurement is sensitive to the movement of the watch and thus it's important to tighten the watch properly and wear it slightly higher up on the arm compared to a regular watch. The measurement also tends to have individual variance depending on user's surface blood circulation properties.

What should I consider when using wrist heart rate measurement?
Wrist-based heart rate measurement is at its best in activities that enable the watch to consistently read HR data from user's arm, i.e. when blood flow is steady, and when the watch itself is constantly in touch with skin. Activities like this include running, biking, and day-to-day lifestyle activities (including measuring resting heart rate).

On the other hand, in activities that involve irregular arm motion and vary much in their intensity, such as high-intensity interval strength training, Crossfit or racket sports, the device may become less accurate. This is due to the fast and uneven blood flow and the hand movements which make it harder for the optical sensor to get a good reading. However, the watch will return to its normal level of accuracy during resting periods.

Swimming is tough on wrist heart rate measurement too, as water passing under the watch affects the optical sensor's ability to read heart rate accurately.
Racing Proof
• 100m / 300ft water resistant
• Battery life of 8h with Full Power 1sec GPS fix rate delivering best GPS accuracy
• Battery life of 12h with Power Save 1sec GPS fix rate delivering good GPS accuracy
• Outdoor-grade color touch screen with 3 action pushers
• GPS/GLONASS tracking and route navigation
• with real-time breadcrumb trail
• with route and Point of Interest navigation
• GPS altitude for measuring ascent and descent values during workout
• Digital tilt compensated compass

Sports Expertise
• Heart rate measured from wrist for best possible convenience
• Compatible with Suunto Smart Sensor heart rate belt
• Support for over 80 sports with racing and interval modes
• Triathlon and multisport mode
• Interval training setup on watch
• real-time lap tables with pace and heart rate, FusedSpeed™ for accurate pace
• compatibility with Stryd running power
• real-time lap tables with heart rate, power and speed
• compatibility with Suunto Bike Sensor and BLE power meters
• automatic intervals in pool
• heart rate with memory (optional)

Training Insights
Training load:
• 30-day training summary on the watch
• long term analysis with training load trends, PTEs and HR zones in Suunto Movescount
• Rest & Recovery:
• save feeling after workout in-watch
• long-term feeling trend on Suunto Movescount
• personal best recognition and long term follow up in Suunto Movescount
• annual / all-time personal best comparison with own age group in Suunto Movescount
• personal best trend by sport and intensity in Suunto Movescount
• long-term progress analysis in Suunto Movescount
Plan ahead:
• weekly planning tools for yourself and your coach in Suunto Movescount

Community Powered
• Community training insights from peer groups in Suunto Movescount
• Peer-to-peer coaching tools in Suunto Movescount
• Discover new routes with heatmaps and plan your own routes in Suunto Movescount, transfer to watch and navigate

Daily Use and Connectivity
• Customizable watch faces
• Wrist heart rate assisted 24/7 activity monitoring with steps and calories
• Instant heart rate graph and calorie burn rate
• Follow your rest heart rate
• View of steps and calories from last seven days / 30 days in Suunto Movescount
• Mobile sync with Suunto Movescount App for iOS and Android, push notifications to watch
• Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH
(Chinese language is only available in the China edition watches.)

Enrich, Relive and Share
• Use Suunto Movescount App to take photos or to create a Suunto Movie of your Move with 3D map, key metrics and images
• Share your experience instantly to your social media networks and follow your friends via Suunto Movescount activity feed

Physical specifications
• Measurements 50 x 50 x 16.8 mm
• Weight 74 g
• Bezel material: Steel
• Glass material: Mineral crystal
• Case material: Polyamide
• Strap material: Silicone

• Bluetooth Smart connectivity between devices
• Compatible with Suunto Movescount & Movescount App
• Phone notifications on the watch with Suunto movescount App
• Compatible with Strava, TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness & others (available in Suunto
• Move transfer from watch to cloud via computer or mobile: USB Cable/Wireless
• Smartphone compatibility: iPhone, Android

GPS Tracking & Navigation
• Zoom levels in navigation & auto zoom based on route shape
• Waypoint & route navigation
• Breadcrumb trail in real time
• Track logging, viewing and sharing
• GPS track analysis on mobile and web
• Works with STRAVA
• Satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS (Russian GPS)
• GPS recording rate: Best, Good, OK

GPS Tracking & Navigation features in Suunto
• Route planning with altitude profile
• Heatmaps to browse and show on Moves (also works with Suunto Movescount App)
• Route planning with heatmaps
• Personal route library synced to watch

• GPS Altitude for measuring ascent and descent values during workout
• Total Ascent/Descent: GPS Based
• Vertical speed: GPS Based
• Log Recording Rate: 1 s
• Resolution: 1 m
• Range: -500 - 9999 m

Cycling Data
• Cycling speed plus average speed in real time
• Bike Lap and Lap Maximum Power (with power sensor)
• Cadence POD Support via Bluetooth Smart
• Bike Power (W), average and maximum (with power sensor) via Bluetooth Smart
• Integrated GPS speed and distance
• Manual & Auto Laps plus distance and duration based autolaps
• Peak Power Curve for peak power outputs: with Power Sensor (available In Suunto

Note: Even more info & specs on this product can be found on the Suunto Official Web Site
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