Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer Bundle

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Tacx NEO 2T Direct Drive Smart Trainer   + $1,599.00
Tacx Rollable Trainer Mat Black   + $139.99
Tacx Sweat Set Towel/Phone Cover   + $55.24

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    Tacx Trainer Bundle The ultimate training setup now available in a convenient bundle from Pushys. Purchase any Tacx Trainer accessory with your Tacx Smart Trainer for a discount on both items. Tacx NEO 2T Direct Drive Smart Trainer The Tacx Neo 2T is the pinnacle of home trainers, upgrades on the original Neo result in a trainer with the same incredible road feel, dynamic inertia, descent simulation and pedal stroke analysis. But the updated internals have resulted in a significantly improved stillness and noise level from the trainer. The Neo 2T features an incredibly wide power band up to 2200W with simulated gradients up to 25%. Where the Neo truly sets itself apart from the competition is the resistance levels at low speeds, small gears, and steep climb simulations. Meanwhile the trainer has done away with any physical transmissions and other internal & external influencers on power measurement resulting in a 1% accuracy across the entire power band. Tacx Skyliner Front Wheel Training Support Help make your training session more comfortable by levelling your bike with the Tacx Skyliner Riser Block. Designed for use with Tacx trainer the Skyliner elevates your front wheel and features a tyre channel to keep your bike where it should be. Tacx Sweat Cover Huge efforts on the trainer can result in a very sweaty rider. This sweat can cause corrosion on the sensitive alloy parts on your frame. That’s where the Tacx Sweat Cover comes in, designed to add a layer of protection between sweat and your frame. This cover is made out of absorbent materials to catch and absorb your sweat before it can make it to your bike. Also available with a phone sleeve that will keep your phone safe but accessible during intense training sessions. *Phone cover variant also available bundle with a Tacx towel Tacx Trainer Mat You make every effort to protect your bike during your training sessions so why not do the same for your training space. The Tacx Rollable Trainer Mat is perfect to protect your floors from not just sweat but also trainer walk and the strains of high intensity workouts. It is also designed to be thicker to help muffle the noises your trainer can make against the floor during these sessions. Driver Options Available Not every training set-up is the same and there’s no guarantee that your drivetrain will work with the included cassette or driver options so we have made replacement drivers available as a part of this bundle.
    Bundle Options Include: • Tacx NEO 2T Direct Drive Smart Trainer • Tacx Skyliner Front Wheel Support • Tacx Sweat Cover • Tacx Trainer Mat Tacx NEO 2T Direct Drive Smart Trainer • Pedal stroke analysis & left/right measurement • Improved magnet handling, noise level, & road feel • Descent Simulation & Dynamic Inertia • Self-powered (some features not available without power) • Connection Indicators for Power & ANT+ or Bluetooth Compatibility • Cassette: Shimano & SRAM 8-11 Speed (XD-R & Campagnolo Drivers available) • Cassette sold separately • Axle: Race 130mm, MTB 135mm, 142x12mm, 148x12mm, straight out of the box Specifications • Max power: 2200 Watt • Max incline: 25% • Accuracy: <1% Dimensions • Physical Dimensions: 575 x 750 x 551 • Weight: 21.5kg Tacx Skyliner Front Wheel Trainer Support • Supports front wheel for a level training experience • Helps improve stability by increasing front contact area Tacx Sweat Cover • Provides drip protection for sensitive parts of your frame • Easy universal mounting will suit most bikes • Max Phone Size: 138mm x 68mm Tacx Trainer Mat • Protects your floor from vibration and sweat during the most intense workouts • Rollable for easy storage Details • Dimensions: 181 x 92cm • Thickness: 6mm • Material: Water-repellent foam