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Tanita D-1000 Body Composition Platform Wireless Remote Display 2013

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The D-1000 Remote Display from Tanita displays nine body composition readings wirelessly from your BC-1000 platform. An indicator light illuminates the corresponding icon for each measurement as it is displayed on the oversized LCD screen with blue backlight. This is the perfect complement to your BC-1000 and will help you reach your physical goals, whatever they are.

• Oversized LCD Display
• User Memory stores data for up to four users.
• Communicates through ANT+™ technology to devices such as the BC-1000 Body Composition Platform (sold separately)
• Stores user data for up to four users and doubles as a clock when not in use
• Built-in stand for upright viewing
• Push button indicators: up and down arrows, user, set, recall, guest, weight only, on/off

• % Body Fat - Percentage of body fat as percentage of total body weight.
• % Total Body Water - Amount of fluid in the body as percentage of total weight.
• Muscle Mass - Displays the weight of muscle in the body.
• Physique Rating - Indicates overall physical condition, analysing fat and muscle.
• Daily Caloric Intake - Estimates the calories that can be consumed to maintain weight.
• Basal Metabolic Rate - Displays the minimum level of calories the body requires at rest.
• Metabolic Age - Compares your BMR to the average age with that metabolism.
• Bone Mass - Indicates the weight of bone (bone mineral level) in the body.
• Visceral Fat - Displays the amount of fat found in the abdominal cavity.
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