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Thule ProRide 591 Roof Mounted Bike Carrier Fitting Kit

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Thule really has the edge when it comes to Bike Carriers and the ProRide 591 Roof Mounted Bike Carrier is the one most recommended for transportation of bikes with sensitive frames (e.g. Carbon). This Fitting Kit contains all the essential components required to mount the Pro Ride 591 to a car roof.

Kit Contents

2 x Ratcheting Wheel Straps (34358)
2 x Cam Handles (50551)
3 x Barrel Nuts (50208)
2 x Square Head Bolt 6mm x 61mm (50335)
1 x Square Head Bolt 6mm x 35mm (50336)
2 x T-Bolt 6mm x 92mm (50553)
1 x T-Bolt 6mm x 64.5mm (50554)
3 x Lower Brackets (50552)
2 x Rubber Rim Protectors (51231)

• Genuine Thule parts
• Total Kit Weight: 430 g
• Perfect for use with the Thule ProRide 591 Roof Mounted Bike Carrier

Ratcheting Wheel Strap (Thule 34358)
• This strap installs in the front or rear wheel holder of the bike rack and tightens to hold the wheel of your bike securely in place during transport. The kit provides 2 straps (one for each wheel)

Lower Bracket (Thule 50552)
• This attachment bracket installs on the rear tray bracket of your Thule ProRide 591 roof-mounted bike rack with a T-bolt and enables you to clamp the rack to your roof-rack load bars when used with cam handle and barrel nut. For this purpose 3 brackets are included in the kit

Barrel Nut (Thule 50208)
• The Barrel Nut helps to ensure that your ProRide 591 bike rack stays clamped securely to your roof-rack load bars and serves as axle on which the cam handles of your bike rack rotate. It also provides an attachment point for the clamp T-bolts. Length: 23 mm (Kit supplies 3 x Nuts)

Rubber Rim Protector (Thule 51231)
• These rubber sleeves (2 x supplied) go on the ratcheting wheel retention straps to reduce vibration and prevent the straps from scratching the inside of your highly prized carbon rims. These protectors are worth every cent!

Cam Handle (Thule 50551)
• This kit supplies 2 Thule Cam Handles (without Lock Hole) which install on the rear tray bracket of your Thule ProRide 591 bike rack. When used with a T-bolt, barrel nut and lower attachment bracket (all included in this kit) the Cam Handles will clamp the rack to your roof-rack load crossbars

T-Bolt (Thule 50553 + 50554)
• This kit comes with 2 x 92mm T-bolts and 1 x 64.5mm T-bolt. These bolts combine with a cam handle and metal lower bracket (also included) to form the front mounting mechanism for your Thule ProRide 591. The bolt inserts through the mounting plate of the rack and screws into the barrel nut of the cam handle

Square Head Bolt (Thule 50335 + 50336)
• This kit includes 2 x 61mm Square Head Bolts and 1 x 35mm Square Head Bolt all with oversized heads on them for ease of use on your Thule ProRide 591 Bike Carrier

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