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Topeak Pressure-Rite Schrader Valve Shock Pump Adaptor

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This quality product from Topeak is an internal check valve which isolates the pump from the shock ensuring accurate pressure is maintained during removal. Its' compact design is ideal for rear shock or small wheels with hard to reach valves. Suited for Schrader valves only this anti air-loss connector is an essential accessory for air spring forks or shocks and allows for quick and easy fine tuning of air pressure. You can trust Topeak to help keep your pressure levels consistently accurate.

User's Guide for Topeak TSA-01 Pressure-Rite Schrader Valve Shock Pump Adaptor
• When inflating a shock or tube, the pressure reading will rise quickly to the pressure inside the shock or tube.
• Pressure will need to be increased until the check valve inside the Pressure-Rite device is opened.
• You will notice a slight decrease in pressure when the check valve opens.
• When this occurs, your gauge will indicate the correct pressure reading.
• Pump to desired pressure.
• After desired inflation pressure is reached, disconnect pump head from the Pressure-Rite device first before disconnecting the Pressure-Rite device from the shock or tube.
• If your pump has a pressure release button, activate it to release pressure before disconnecting pump head from the Pressure-Rite device.
• Do not leave Pressure-Rite connected if it's not being used to inflate.
• Schrader valve cap with pressure tube
• Fits between your pump and a Schrader valve
• Adapts to any item requiring inflation without losing pressure
• No loss of pressure when disconnecting
• Ideal for rear shock or small wheels with hard to reach valves
• Elbow adapter for accurately filling hard to reach suspension systems
• Great for small wheel valves (12" and 14")
• Valve adapter converts the Joe Blow Ace Floor Pump into a shock pump
• Dimensions: 2.5cm x 1cm x 3.8cm | 1" x 0.4" x 1.5" (LxWxH)
• Brass construction
• Weight: 15g
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