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Topeak Redlite UFO Mini Rear Light Red

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What is amazing about the UFO mini is not its’ existence but rather the fact that with 2 LED’s it provides 330 degrees of visibility. With this set up its nearly impossible not to be seen by those around you. Using both constant and blinking modes, you will be sure to draw the right attention and let people know where you are in the night sky!
• 2 Bright Red LED’s
• Battery: CR2032
• Intensity: 5 lm
• 2 Modes; Constant (60 Hours), Blinking (120 Hours)
• Seatpost Diameters: 26.2 mm – 31.6 mm
• Size 4.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm
• Weight: 15.6 grams
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