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Vittoria Corsa Compitition 700x28c Graphene Tubular Tyre Black/Tanwall

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The Vittoria Corsa Compitition 700x28c Graphene Tubular Tyre is a super-fast tubular tyre made for racing. The mixture of compounds and their use changes depending on the riders needs. When heading straight, the rubber is at its hardest and has little rolling resistance. As the rider breaks, corners or accelerates the compound softens giving vastly increased grip. The Corsa Competition with Graphene plus is an amazing top of the range tyre spec'd for racing. It uses a combination of compounds and technologies to offer unparalleled speed, grip and puncture resistance in a racing tyre.
Graphene is a revolutionary material in the form of a very thin, nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. In its extreme form it is as thin as a single atom (1/100,000,000th of a metre). Vittoria used Directa Plus Graphene called G+, which is 2 to 8 atoms thin.
• Enormous surface area: 1 gram – around 2630m² that can facilitate any chemical process
• High mechanical resistance: approximately 200 times stronger than steel
• High thermal conductibility: more than 2 times that of a diamond
• Less density: is equal to half that of aluminium
• High elasticity: equal to 6 times that of steel
• High electrical conductibility, transparency, lightness, flexibility and mechanical resistance
• One of the worlds best performing racing tyres
• Perfect for wide aero-rims
• 4 compounds for speed, grip, durability & puncture protection
• Kevlar reinforced sidewalls
• Size: 700x28c
• Compound: 4C, (Cotton, Kevlar, Aramid, Graphene)
• Bead: Folding
• Weight: 330g
• Black with Tan sidewalls
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