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Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

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The Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer is the world’s first iPhone powered bike trainer. Your indoor cycling experience has just been taken to the next level. Feel the direct connect to the Wahoo KICKR for accurate power measurement, controlled resistance, open third-party software options, and the smoothest indoor riding on the market. The KICKR's massive flywheel along with its electromagnetic resistance provides a realistic road feel. Fit any size bike from 24" to the monster 29er. Pair with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ for in-depth technical analysis and feedback. Hone your training down to the minutest of details, prepare to discover your capabilities on two wheels.

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• Accurate power measurement - Wheel off design for direct, lab accurate power measurement at the hub- consistent and calibrated throughout every gruelling mile
• Controlled resistance - Connected to your device, the KICKR sets your resistance via your favourite app or software
• Ultra-realistic road feel - Super flywheel engineered to replicate the inertia of an actual rider on the road
• Wireless control and data transfer - Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth Smart) and ANT+ enabled
• Quiet as your favourite fluid trainer
• Virtual training - Works with popular training software such as Kinomap and TrainerRoad
• Resistance levels: With 10 levels, each with a progressive resistance curve, just like riding outside. The faster you pedal, the harder it gets – simulating rolling and air resistance.
• Erg mode: With the KICKR, you can set a target wattage and the KICKR will remain at that wattage as you ride independent of speed and cadence.
• Sim mode: With sim mode, you can enter your weight, bike type, riding position, headwind, and grade and the KICKR will accurately model the power curve just as if you were riding outdoors.
• Full manual mode: For those of you who need to be in control, this allows you to adjust resistance of the brake manually from 0 to 100%

• Compatible Hub Width: 130mm (road) or 135mm (mountain)
• Rear Axle: Quick Release
• Drivetrain: SRAM/Shimano 10-speed
• Includes Shimano 11-speed cassette
• Campagnolo 9/10/11-speed (also requires Campagnolo freehub adapter - sold separately)
Note for Campagnolo 11-speed Compatibility: Rear derailleur may contact a plastic cover when shifting into the largest cog on the cassette; this may prevent the use of that cog.
• Compatible Rear Wheel Size: 24" RD / 24" MTB / 650c RD / 26" MTB / 700c RD / 650b MTB / 29" RD

Supported Devices
• iPhone 4S and newer
• iPad 3rd gen and newer, iPad Mini
• iPod Touch (5th gen and newer)
• Mac Book
• BTLE enabled Mac Book Pro
• HTC One, Max, Mini, M8
• LG G2, G Pro2, G Flex, Vu3.0
• Motorola Moto G, Moto X
• Motorola Droid RAZR M, RAZR HD, RAZR Maxx HD
• Motorola Droid Ultra, Maxx, Mini (OS v4.4+ only)
• LGE Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2013)
• Samsung Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S4 Active, S5, S5 Mini
• Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Note 10.1
• Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z1 Compact
• Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Ultra, ZR, ZL
• Sony Xperia SP, T, TX, V
Windows PC
• When paired with ANT+ dongle

Featured Apps
• Wahoo Fitness
• iMobileIntervals
• VirtualTraining

App Compatibility
• is an online community focused on providing cyclists incredible structured workouts and training programs. (Newer MacBook Pro with BTLE support, Windows machine with ANT+ stick)
• Ride famous cycling roads from all over the World filmed in HD with cinema grade cameras and create structured workouts in seconds. (Windows machines with an ANT+ USB stick)
• Kinomap is an online sharing site of geolocated videos. Choose a video of your favorite Tour stage or race course and Kinomap will control the KICKR as you watch the video, matching the resistance to the elevation of your virtual ride. (iPhone 4S & 5, iPad 3 and newer; iPad mini, Older iPhones/iPads with Wahoo Key)
• PerfPRO Studio is a fully stand-alone training and performance analysis software that supports up to as many KICKRs as you need. (Windows machines with an ANT+ USB stick)
• PeriPedal allows you to create and complete custom workouts with the KICKR via ANT on a Windows PC. (Windows machines with an ANT+ USB stick
• iMobileIntervals is an iPhone app and online system for performing workouts and collecting, displaying and sharing data. KICKR support is a natural fit for iMobileIntervals, with intensity zones in its structured interval workout mode providing the wattage value to drive the trainer in ERG mode. (iPhone 4S & 5, iPad 3 and newer; iPad mini)

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