WEND Wax-On Liquid Chain Lube 120ml

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Prevent Wear & Tear On Your Drive-Train With WEND Your chain is constantly exposed to dirt and dust and therefore needs frequent maintenance to keep it running well. That's why you should always keep a bottle of WEND WAX-ON LIQUID CHAIN LUBE (120ml) on hand when carrying out any regular maintenance on your drive-train. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary friction and rust on the chain, greater wear & tear on the drive-train and inevitably a noticeable reduction of performance when cycling. Water-Based Wax Lubricant Liquid for ultimate penetration WEND WAX-ON LIQUID CHAIN LUBE turns into a dry lube and bridges the gap between oil-based drip lube and an expertly hot-waxed chain. Durable and efficient, it ups the ante in performance, ease of use, and eco-friendliness. This water-based wax lubricant is biodegradable, paraffin-free, dye-free, and fragrance free. Directions For Use IMPORTANT - Apply to a chain free of dirt AND oil Shake bottle of Liquid Lube Lightly apply on each chain roller (inner) Massage lube into chain Allow to dry Rotate chain for 1 min before riding
• Liquid wax bicycle chain lube from WEND • Leaves your chain sparkling clean • Friction reducing additives included • Promotes an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train • Formula includes proven lubricants like Zinc and Teflon • Works in all conditions • Petroleum free • Liquid formula for ultimate penetration • Prevents unnecessary friction and rust on the chain • Apply during regular maintenance on your drive-train • 50 applications (approx) in each 120ml (4 oz) bottle • Each application should last between 241-482km (150-300 miles) Eco-Friendly Features • Water-based • Biodegradable • Paraffin-free • Dye-free • Fragrance free Specifications • Product Name: Wend Wax-On Liquid Lube • Bottle Volume: 120 ml | 4 oz • Country of Origin: Made in California