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Where to Ride Washington D.C. Book

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Where to Ride Washington D.C. Book

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This book details 55 adult and 39 kids rides centred upon the district of Columbia and spread within a radius approaching 50 miles from downtown DC throughout the greater metropolitan area.
From short, safe paths directly down the street to challenging adventures bridging two states ,from historic tours through revived neighbourhoods to brand new stream valley trails on the area's outskirts,from established local classics to rides traversing freshly- minted bicycle lanes,from brushing the Potomac River,to skirting Chesapeake Bay, to skating the easternmost edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains ,this truly comprehensive book plants its routes throughout the entire region.
Twelve core rides explore the thriving, historic spaces once included within the boundaries of the District in a section called DC,Inside the Diamond.Thiry three others travel the variable landscapes of three distinct areas in groups of eleven each named Northern Virginia,Maryland: North by Northwest, and Maryland:East and South. And one section, entitled Originals,Oddballs, and Outliers, spans the others and extends region- wide, with the bonus of reaching beyond it.
Adult sections are designed in light of terrain, quality of cycling options, existing cycling infrastructure and points of interest.And while all five employ varying ranges of difficulty, each offers an equally unique invitation to enjoy the DC area by bike and each aims to accommodate all riders,youger,older,hyper-fit, or those not quite there yet.With that in mnd, a concluding kid's chapter presents a diverse array of safe,short, and fun family-centred rides for the learners ever among us.
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