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White Lightning Chain Johnny

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The Chain Johnny
Transport Bicycles with No Damage, No Mess!

The new White Lightning Chain Johnny solves the problem of how to transport your bike without making a mess. Anyone who has ever loaded a bicycle into their car probably has battle scars to show. Now, White Lightning’s cover protects both rides, the vehicle’s interior and the bicycle’s drivetrain.

The Chain Johnny uses a rip-resistant, 2-ply rubber/nylon material which protects the inside of a car much better than towels or rags. It is also water resistant to protect the drivetrain itself when transporting bicycles on vehicle-mounted bike racks or storing them in the garage during the winter.

The Chain Johnny’s unique drivetrain shape and VELCRO® closures make installation a no-brainer. Simply slip the Chain Johnny over the front gear, then the chain and finally the rear derailleur. Seal it all up by using the Chain Johnny’s Velcro closures.

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