Wolf Tooth Rear Hope Pro 2 Evo Boostinator Kit HR

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What? Boostinator kits allow non-boost wheels to be mounted in Boost spacing frames and forks. Boostinator kits consist of a specially-designed axle end cap and, in the case of rear kits, a precision-machined rotor spacer with a set of six high-strength bolts. In keeping with Boost specifications, the disc and cassette are shifted outboard, allowing brakes and derailleurs to function as designed. Why? The benefits of the “Boost” 15x110mm front and 12x148mm rear axle standards are clear: better clearance for fatter tyres & rims and reduced dish for stiffer, stronger wheels. The big bummer? Taking full advantage requires not only a new frame and fork, but new wheels as well. Boostinator kits allow non-boost wheels to be mounted in Boost spacing frames and forks. How? In response, Wolftooth have developed the Boostinator. When paired with compatible 15x100mm or 12x142mm hubs, Boostinator kits allow existing wheels to be mounted in Boost-standard frames and forks. Disc and drivetrain positions are maintained and, thanks to a quick re-dish, spoke bracing angles are improved. *Note: Re-Dishing of the rear wheel will be required* Boostinator HR Installation Tools and Supplies Required: • Protective eyewear • T25 Torx key • Torque wrench with T25 bit • Pliers • Removable thread-locking compound • Loctite 246 (recommended), 242, or equivalent • Clean rag Recommended: • Truing stand • Spoke wrench • 2x1in section of old inner tube Mounting Instructions: • If mounted, use Torx key to remove six rotor bolts and rotor from hub • Never use a torque wrench to remove hardware • Use pliers to pull disc-side end cap from hub • Use old inner tube to protect end cap finish from pliers • Pull firmly along hub axis: end cap is held in place with internal o-ring • Use rag to clean hub disc mounting surface, hub wiper seal, and rotor mounting surface • Take care not to touch or otherwise contaminate rotor braking surface • Use rag to clean end cap recess and exposed axle end • Press Boostinator end cap onto exposed axle end • Take care not to damage hub wiper seal • Press firmly until met with a hard (metal-on-metal) stop. Internal o-ring will hold end cap in place • Apply one drop of thread locking compound to leading end of Boostinator bolt threads if they do not have the blue patch on them already • Use only provided M5x16mm pan head Torx. If you lose one, contact us for replacement • Place 6mm Boostinator rotor spacer on hub and align holes with threaded hub rotor mounting holes • Use Torx key to install six Boostinator screws through rotor and spacer to finger tightness only • Do not mount rotors larger than 183mm in diameter using a rear Boostinator kit • Use Torque wrench set to 5Nm to tighten Boostinator screws in the following pattern: 12:00 -> 6:00 -> 4:00 -> 10:00 -> 2:00 -> 8:00 Re-Dishing Wheel: *Important: If unfamiliar with wheel building or truing, we strongly recommend taking your Boostinated wheel to a local shop for re-dishing.* • Mount wheel in truing stand • True wheel to remove any major hops or wobbles • Re-dish wheel by loosening drive-side and tightening disc-side spokes 1/4-turn per pass • If previously true and properly dished, most wheels will require less than 1/2-turn loosening on drive-side spokes and less than one turn added to disc-side spokes • De-tension and true wheel as needed
• Compatible with 12x142mm Hope Pro 2 EVO and Pro 4 rear hubs • Non-EVO Pro 2 hubs are not supported • Net weight: 18g Technical Specifications • Material: 6061 aluminium • Included: Rear kits come with appropriate-length Class 10.9 bolts – each roughly 40% stronger than more common Class 8.8 hardware • Net weight: 18g