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Zipp Tangente Course R28 700x28c Folding Road Tyre

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In the world of cycling, thinner does not always mean faster. For many years, cyclists held the belief that the thinner tyre you had, the less rolling resistance you would encounter, and therefore, the faster you would travel. Then that notion was blown out of the water. With a wider tyre, you actually decrease rolling resistance, aerodynamics can be improved and comfort is greatly increased. The Zipp Tangente clincher tyres are designed to take advantage of the new aerodynamic possibilities of disc brakes. Because you do not need a braking surface on the rim with disc brakes, you can fit a wider profile tyre then on conventional wheels, and therefore gain all the benefits of the wider profile without havingto buy a new rim.
• High performance sport and training tire • 28mm (R28) width • 120tpi nylon casing • Nylon puncture protection layer under tread • 33.15 watts of rolling resistance @ 40kph (with Zipp butyl tube)