Effetto Mariposa Shelter Aeroroad Roll 80mm x 1m Frame Protector

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Protective Film For Road Bike Frames There are many ways to protect the frame on your ROAD bike but few do it as effortlessly as Effetto Mariposa Shelter Aerodue Road. This self-adhesive, protective film unmistakably increases the shock-resistance of any carbon-fibre or metal components to which it’s applied. Shock & Scratch Resistant Being a unique blend of shock & scratch resistant transparent material this Effetto Mariposa Shelter Road Frame Protection Film has a scratch-resistant upper layer and a gummy visco-elastic layer underneath which provides stiff carbon frames with protection but also contributes to reduced vibrations within the structure. It also has a semi-structural adhesion to the surface upon which it’s applied (24 hours after application) but can be removed – if needed – without damaging the underlying paintwork. Won't Yellow With Age Shelter Road protects your frame from impacts by spreading their energy within its structure. It is both abrasion and solvent resistant; and your bike can be washed as per normal with no detrimental effect on the product. Also UV-shielded this frame protector won't yellow with age and will even protect the underlying frame paint from UV degradation. However, after the removal of Shelter, there may be differences in colour between UV protected areas and not, in case of fluorescent paints or bright colours. EASY TO APPLY 01..... Remove cables or other interfering elements. 02..... Clean the area where you want to apply Shelter with alcohol and a clean cloth. 03..... Remove traces of dried-up alcohol with a clean, dry cloth. 04..... Cut a custom-made Shelter piece for the desired area without removing the backing paper. 05..... Peel Shelter backing paper on a length of 1 inch/25 mm, freeing the adhesive surface. (DO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SURFACE WITH YOUR FINGERS). 06..... Gently position Shelter on the area you wish to protect, without applying pressure and without stretching the material. 07..... Re-position it if necessary, until it sits exactly where you want it. 08..... Start applying an even pressure with your thumbs 09..... Work from the centre and move towards the sides, to avoid trapping air bubbles and making wrinkles 10..... Pay extra attention to the edges and the tight curved sections to make sure the adhesion is even 11..... Remove the rest of Shelter backing paper progressively, as you position and attach your Shelter element on the area you want to protect.
• Effetto Mariposa Shelter Aerodue Road Bike Tape • Frame protection film on 1 metre roll • Self-adhesive & transparent • Won't turn yellow over time • Abrasion and solvent resistant • Guards against impacts such as abrasions and rock strikes • Protects chainstays, down tubes, cable/frame contact points • Great for silencing valve stems • Visco-elastic behaviour reduces vibrations • Recommended for enthusiasts, shops or teams • Features “Shelter Effetto Mariposa” watermark inside Other Benefits • Easy to apply • UV resistant • Also suits gravel/cyclocross applications • Not affected by normal bicycle washing • Perfect adhesion even on curved surfaces • Works on any road bike for the ultimate frame protection • Increases shock-resistance of any carbon-fibre or metal frame • Can be removed without damaging the underlying paint Specifications • Product Name: Shelter Road Roll • Product Type: Frame Protection Film (self-adhesive) • Tape Width: 80mm • Tape Length: 1 Metre • Tape Thickness: 0.2mm • Tolerance: +/- 10% on width and length • Country of Manufacture: Italy