Elite Direto XR-T Interactive Smart Trainer

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The Direto XR-T Elite's DIRETO XR-T is their top of the range home trainer without sprocket cassette, an accurate device, compatible with a wide range of bicycle models. The OTS Integrated power meter ensures +/-1.5% accuracy - this is one of DIRETO XR-T strong suits, placing it atop Elite's home trainer range with its realistic gradient simulation, up to 24%. The difference Between a Direto XR and a Direto XR-T Direto XR and Direto XR-T are two identical home trainers, featuring the same technical specifications both in terms of structural and electronic features. What separates them is the sprocket cassette, which is included in the Direto XR but not included in the DIRETO XR-T. Accurately Measures Power Output What makes the DIRETO XR and DIRETO XR-T the most accurate among Elite's home trainer range is the OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) integrated power meter. The power meter makes it possible to effectively measure power output on your workouts with +/-1,5% accuracy, one of the highest among commercially available home trainers. Simulating the Highest Gradients The DIRETO XR-T is an interactive home trainer, so it automatically adjusts resistance while you are working out. Compared to previous Direto models, the DIRETO XR-T features a bigger flywheel and simulates gradients up to an astounding 24%. This ensures excellent performances even during particularly intense training sessions. You will be able the check out all your training charts at a glance, conduct tests to evaluate your fitness level, do reps and high-speed sprints at max power. Any type of training you want is available to you riding on the DIRETO XR-T. Total Compatibility The DIRETO XR-T is one of the most compatible commercially available home trainers, perfect with both mountain and city bikes. This trainer features a new structure which is perfect to house derailleurs with long cages that feature greater capacity on bigger 12-speed sprocket sets. This is how the DIRETO XR-T is compatible with 9/10/11 speed Shimano®/SRAM, 9/10/11/12 speed Campagnolo, 12 speed SRAM NX and 12 speed Shimano® Microspline cassettes. Use It with All Indoor Cycling Software Platforms The DIRETO XR-T is totally interactive and communicates with all software platforms via ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth, just like all of Elite's direct transmission home trainers. Set your course or training programs with a few clicks and start pedalling right away. DIRETO XR-T will automatically adjust resistance and manage your training session. DIRETO XR-T can be managed via the My E-Training software & app (12-month free subscription included) or other indoor cycling services, such as: Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Bkool, Kinomap and many more. Pedalling Analysis The Pedalling analysis is an exclusive option available on top of the range Elite interactive home trainers, including the DIRETO XR-T. It is an innovative function that will analyse your power output throughout the whole pedalling movement through a 24 points-system. You can display via two types of charts DIRETO XR-T's data such as the value of immediate power output throughout the pedalling movement. This creates a thorough evaluation of the mechanical efficiency of the movement for the cyclist, so it is possible to adjust and correct where necessary. The pedalling analysis function is available for purchase in Elite's My E-Training software. Cadence, Speed and Power Data All Elite trainers rely on immediate transmission of power, speed, and pedal cadence data to let you achieve the most specific and accurate training plan. To measure cadence, Elite’s trainers make use of practical sensor-less technology capable of detecting the pedalling rate without having to install sensors on the bike frame. Most trainers measure pedal cadence by analysing the speed variation, whereas Elite's interactive trainers DIRETO XR-T, Direto X, Direto X, Direto, Drivo and Drivo II measure cadence via power analysis by means of their innovative in-built power meter OTS. Quietness It’s very quiet. The only noise you will hear comes from your bike's chain. Power Supply The power supply (which is included) is required to use it in interactive mode.
• Trainer Type: Interactive direct transmission with electronically managed magnetic brake • Sprocket cassette not included • Power Meter: Integrated OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) • Accuracy: ± 1,5% • Wireless Communication: ANT+™ (FE-C, Power, Speed & Cadence) and Bluetooth (FTMS, Power and Speed & Cadence) • Max Slope Simulated: 24% • Max power: 1100 Watt (20km/h) - 2300 Watt (40km/h) • Control via smartphone, tablet, bike computer, sports watches, Windows and Mac. Computer ANT+™ and/or Bluetooth • Compatible with: My E-Training software & app Zwift, Trainer Road, Bikevo, Kinomap, The Sufferfest and more • Output: Power, speed and cadence • Flywheel: 5.1kg • Bike compatibility: Road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes - including carbon bikes, with 130-135x5mm hubs and with quick clamping system and 142x12mm with thru-axle (an adapter for 135x10-12mm and rear 148x12mm Boost hubs is available) • Cassette compatibility: 9/10/11 speed Shimano/SRAM, 9/10/11/12 speed Campagnolo, 12 speed SRAM NX, 12 speed micropline Shimano • A specific freehub body is required for Campagnolo compatibility • A specific freehub body is required for SRAM XD/XDR compatibility • A specific freehub body is required for 12 speed microspline Shimano compatibility • Connection Indicator: Power source, ANT+ and Bluetooth (3 LED lights) • Firmware Update Available • Includes 12-month free subscription to My E-Training software & app1-month free subscription to Zwift app Specifications • Electrical Requirements: Input 100-240 volts 50-60 Hz 6A - Output 12 volts 1.5A • Dimensions Open: (L X W X H)650 x 840 x 550 mm / 25.6" x 34" x 21.6" • Dimensions Folded: (L X W X H)650 x 300 x 550 mm / 25.6" x 11.8" x 21.6" • Weight: 16kg / 35.30lbs