Finish Line e-Bike Cleaner Aerosol Spray 414mL

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Finish Line e-Bike Cleaner is a non-water based bike wash formulated to safely remove grime before it migrates into your e-Bike's electrical components and suspension systems. Left unchecked, this grime will cause the battery and motor to prematurely wear and work less efficiently. Safe To Use On Most e-Bike Surfaces Thanks to its clinging foam technology, Finish Line e-Bike Cleaner is safe and easy to use. It can be used to clean all surfaces including anodized aluminium, plastic, steel, titanium, carbon fibre and matte finishes. Gentle, Non-Caustic, Foaming Spray Many manufacturers (like Bosch) recommend cleaning your entire e-Bike including the battery pack contacts and plug pins after every ride. Finish Line e-Bike Cleaner requires no water rinsing; leaves no streaks and is a gentle, non-caustic, foaming spray which enables you to clean your bike without risk of damage to any if its expensive components. Directions For Use • Always remove battery pack before cleaning • Apply to soft rag to clean contacts and plug pins • Fully dry contacts before reinserting battery • NEVER use a water hose or power jet cleaning device • Always clean wheels from the hub to the rim • After you clean, don't forget to lubricate the chain
• e-Bike specific cleaner to keep your bike running & looking like new • Safely removes grime from electrical assist bikes • Can be used on motor & battery casing, battery contacts & pins • Perfect for cleaning bike frame, wheels and saddle • Safe & easy to use - Just spray it on & wipe it off • Aerosol also sprays upside down • Clinging foam technology is gentle and non-caustic • No water rinse required - Leaves no streaks • Cleans anodized aluminium, steel, titanium, carbon fibre & plastic • Eco-safe CFC-free propellant • 100% recyclable aluminium can • Will not harm electronic drivetrains & suspension systems • Product meets eBike specifications Specifications • Container Volume: 414mL | 14oz • Container Type: Aerosol (no CFC's) • Dimensions: 210 x 80 x 80mm • Weight: 489g | 17.2oz • Contains: Propane & Butane • Country of Manufacture: USA