Goodyear Vector 4Seasons 700c TT Road Tyre Black 700c x 32mm

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History in the Remaking The Goodyear name first appeared on a bicycle tyre in 1898. Since then, Goodyear and the legendary winged foot logo have been prominent in the winner’s circle across an entire spectrum of motorsports at the highest level. Goodyear have now produced a range of road race bicycle tyres with superior on road grip and handling and are designed for performance at the highest level. Highest Level Performance Now, Goodyear’s Ultra High-Performance bicycle tyre range features Goodyear’s latest developments in materials and construction methods. Low rolling resistance and weight are optimised with excellent handling in both dry and wet conditions, allowing riders to reach ever increasing performance levels. Puncture Resistance Goodyear’s R:Armour Protection is a lightweight nylon race fabric which extends from bead to bead. Excellent anti-cut properties combined with minimal impact on casing suppleness and weight, Armor protection enhances the Vector 4Seasons UHP road tyre’s capabilities across a wider range of conditions and helps tyre longevity. Compounding for Multi-Condition Grip Goodyear’s Dynamic:Silica4 compound has been formulated to maximize rolling efficiency while providing class leading grip in wet conditions. Tube Type Goodyear’s Tube Type tyres are designed to be used with tubes, they are suitable only for hooked rims.
• Wet Conditions Grip: Dynamic:Silica4 Compounding for Multi-Condition Grip • Improved Durability: lightweight reinforced casing • Type: tubes only • Rim Compatability: hook rims only • Puncture Resistance: R:Armour Protection • Bead: Folding • Colour: Black • Sizes: wide range of tyre widths available to optimise your ride