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Joe's No-Flats 120mL Universal Yellow Lube

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Joe's No-Flats 120mL Universal Yellow Lube

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If your chain is constantly exposed to dirt and moisture it will need regular maintenance to keep it running well. That's why you should always keep a bottle of Joe's No-Flats Universal Yellow Lube handy when carrying out any type of maintenance on the drive-train of your road bike. Why risk creating a situation where unnecessary friction and rust on the chain results in greater wear & tear on the drive-train and inevitably a noticeable reduction in performance levels when cycling. You'll be at your performance best when you know your chain lube can handle any weather conditions. Joe's advanced formula not only lubricates chains, it also helps cables, derailleurs and all drive-train & friction points to deliver an extremely smooth forward motion & impressively quiet gear shifts. Joe’s All Conditions Yellow Bike Lube also provides excellent dust, dirt and water resistance thereby resulting in longer-than-expected performance life from your bikes' hardest working components.
Directions for use:
• Clean drive-train with JOE’S BIO-DEGREASER or ECO DEGREASER
• Rinse with water and let dry completely
• Shake your bottle of JOE'S UNIVERSAL YELLOW LUBE for 20 seconds
• Apply one drop to each chain link while slowly rotating the chain
• Allow the Lube to penetrate then wipe all excess away with a rag
• Wipe chain again after first ride
• Scientifically developed for cycling in ALL CLIMATE conditions
• Specially formulated to provide incredible drive-train efficiency
• Promotes extremely smooth forward motion on bike
• Gear shifts are much quieter
• Excellent dust, dirt & water resistance
• Extends the life of chain and drive train parts
• Bottle size: 120mL | 4oz
• Usage: Dry | Rain | Mud | Snow | all weather conditions
• Suitable for use on: Chains | Cables | Derailleurs | All drive-train & friction points
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