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Joe's No-Flats Tubeless Rim Strips 19-25mm Presta Yellow

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Often a new bike or new wheel will ship with relatively cheap plastic rim strips installed to protect the tube from punctures caused by sharp edges along the rim and the rogue area near the spoke holes. These rim strips work well enough to get you started, but you should replace them as soon as you get the chance so that you know the ones you're riding on are reliable and trustworthy. Joe's Tubeless Rim Strips will greatly reduce the risk of inconvenient punctures that keep you out of ‘play’ so you get to enjoy more hours on the bike. They’re also specifically designed to secure your tyre inside the rim so that even when powering through technical terrain with low air pressure in the tyre, there will be no loss of air from the rim. Get a pair today and you’ll see the difference they make.
Package contains:
• 2 x High quality rubber tubeless strips with integrated Presta valves (with removable cores)
• 1 x Presta-Schrader valve adaptor for easy inflation
• 1 x Presta valve core (spare part)
• 1 x Valve key
• Compatible with ALL MOUNTAIN rims (19-25mm inner width)
- 26" wheel ::: 23-25mm
- 27.5" wheel ::: 20-24mm
- 29" wheel ::: 19-23mm
• Fits rims with FRENCH/PRESTA valve hole openings
• Sold as a PAIR to dress 2 wheels
• Best inflated with floor pump or air compressor (avoid using mini-pump)
• Colour code: YELLOW
• Valve Length: 42mm
• Valve Type: Presta / French
• Width: 19-25mm
• Material: Rubber
• Weight: 70 grams per strip (including valve)
• Category: Tubeless Conversion Kits
• Suits: All Mountain wheels 26", 27.5" and 29"
Package ID: Small_Package