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Juice Lubes Wax Chain Lube 130mL

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Juice Lube’s Chain Juice Wax is particularly well suited to hot and dry conditions where it is cleaner, quieter and longer lasting than Chain Juice Dry, but it will also operate effectively in the wet. With this latest blend the clever guys in white coats at Juice Lubes believe they have created the most hard wearing and reliable wax lubricant yet.
As with all our chain lubes you will need to apply to a clean and dry drive train to achieve optimum performance. Once cleaned, application of Chain Juice Wax is simple, just apply a thin bead of lube to the chain whilst back pedalling the cranks. Depending on how clean you got the chain beforehand, you will notice the chain running much quieter when the lube is applied and has penetrated properly. Leave for a few minutes before riding to allow proper set up to take place.
The type of riding you do, the intensity you ride at, the distance, terrain and weather will all effect how long you can go before re-applying so you will have to use your judgement here, but hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised!