Knipex 12 62 180 Automatic Insulation Stripper

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Wire Stripping Made Easy, Quick & Safe With the KNIPEX AUTOMATIC INSULATION STRIPPER TOOL (12 62 180), wire can be stripped easily, quickly and above all, safely. Due to the automatic conductor protection, you are able to produce VDE-compliant wire stripping with just two hand movements: insert cable, press the wire stripper handles. Lightweight Tool With Substantial Benefits The lightweight KNIPEX INSULATION STRIPPER TOOL greatly reduces operational strain and is ideal for stripping cable, e.g. when installing bike cabling, home lighting, model making or when installing new sockets. It eliminates the need to manually adjust to different cable cross-sections because the pliers do this automatically. Thanks to the slim head shape, it is also possible to strip the wire in poorly accessible areas, such as in junction boxes. It even has a built-in wire cutter for shortening cables and cutting Cu and Al conductors up to 2.5 mm². Plenty Of Operational Benefits Special features of the KNIPEX AUTOMATIC INSULATION STRIPPER include the fine adjustable zero correction of the blade setting to special material requirements, e.g. due to large temperature differences. This device is easily able to strip cables with standard materials without any need for manual adjustment. It is suitable for single, multiple & fine stranded cables of 0.2 up to 6 mm² with standard insulation. Convenient Wire Stripping Of Single Layer Standard Insulation When using the KNIPEX AUTOMATIC INSULATION STRIPPER TOOL the cable to be stripped is inserted in the pliers from the front and pushed up to the individually adjustable length stop. After this, the user only needs to press the tool handles to complete the operation. The wire stripping process takes place automatically. The insulation is only cut as deeply as needed for removal of the insulation layer. When the Knipex 12 62 180 is used correctly, it protects solid, multicore and finely stranded conductors from damage. Built To High Standards For A Long Service Life During the wire stripping process the KNIPEX AUTOMATIC INSULATION STRIPPER TOOL protects the conductor in the cable while also offering the utmost comfort for the user. Manufactured in Germany these pliers from Knipex are built to high standards and are designed to deliver many years of use in a professional environment.
• Knipex Automatic Insulation Stripper Tool • Adjusts automatically to most cable types • Strips cables with standard materials • Fine adjustment option for special materials • Suitable for single, multiple & fine stranded cables • Fine adjustable zero correction of the blade setting • Compact, handy and lightweight • Ideal for common cable cross-sections & insulating materials • Narrow head style for wire stripping in confined areas • Includes wire cutter for copper & aluminium wires up to 2.5 mm² • Adjustable length stop from 6.0 - 18.0 mm for constant stripping lengths Brief Overview • Self-adjusting wire strippers for solid, multicore & finely stranded conductors • Designed for single layer standard insulation • Includes wire cutter for Cu and Al conductors up to 2.5 mm² • Housing made of fibreglass reinforced plastic • Blade made of oil-hardened special tool steel • Blade can be easily replaced • No damage to the conductor • Accurate wire stripping of 0.2 – 6.0 mm² Specifications • Brand & Model: Knipex Automatic Insulation Stripper • Article No: 12 62 180 • Colour: Black/Red • Body: Plastic, Fibreglass-reinforced • Blades: Special tool steel, oil-hardened, interchangeable • Weight: 151 g • Dimensions: 180 x 75 x 21 mm • Reach: no • RohS: no • Stripping capacities in square millimetres: 0.2 — 6.0 mm² • AWG: 24 — 10 • Country of Manufacture: Germany