Lazer Jackal MIPS Trail Helmet Black

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Old + New = Great Innovation The new Lazer Jackal helmet is a trail helmet that scores the top safety rating. Lazer is really on the ball with this new Trail Helmet design. It has the great fit, size options, and ventilation of their previous models, but is much refined. Comfort, Enjoyment And Freedom Lazer wanted to make a helmet that maximised comfort, enjoyment and freedom. Here it is. Fit, safety, and comfort are prioritised meaning enjoyment and freedom is enhanced. Three sizes available ensure a neat fit, from the biggest to the smallest head. A height adjustable micro-adjust dial retention system makes for a customised fit, the comfy retention straps, and the magnetised buckle all add to the luxury feel, and the high safety rating will give you more confidence out on the trail. The Xstatic lining tends to wick sweat away fast, stink less, and generally be less gross to put on again on hot or wet rides. Protection As with most modern trail helmets, the coverage extends a little further at the rear than an XC lid, and the foam is a little thicker on the back. This extra protection is useful for a lot of the kinds of crashes that can happen off road, like falling backwards, or to the side, or the classic OTB and headbutting a tree. There’s a MIPS liner to help dissipate shear forces. Whether you like MIPS or not, it doesn’t detract from the safety, and could provide extra, and any pitfalls (some say it’s less comfortable on a bald head) are overcome with generous Xstatic padding. So give it a go, you’ll be pleased you did. Goggle Compatibility On the back of the helmet there also a cool textured rubber area that will hold a goggle strap firmly in place for those open-faced helmet runs. The Visor has 3 set positions, is nice and solid and stays in place under speed or dodgy landings. Cool Ventilation The vents on the Lazer Jackal are big and open, great on descents for letting in great gulps of fresh air, but importantly, acting as exhaust portals at low speeds when you’re really under pressure. The centre vent at the top is where your included accessory mount is used for a snug fit.
• Venting: 17 large vents, acting as input and exhaust • Optional Accessory Mount: included • Added Protection: MIPS • Lining: generous Xstatic padding for moisture wicking and odour control • Micro-Adjust Dial Retention System: height adjustable • Buckle: magnetised • Visor: 3 positions, top position allows for goggles • Goggles: textured rubber area for goggle strap retention