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Mitas Kratos 29x2.45" Textra+ Folding All Mountain Tyre

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Robust, Lightweight and Supple Contrary to its rough and robust appearance the Kratos is no Clydesdale. Its low weight and supple ride mean this tyre rolls, corners and accelerates like its pedigree cousins and will stubbornly hang on where others can’t. Eats Rugged Terrain for Breakfast Mitas Kratos Textra MTB Tyre is the perfect choice for Enduro riding and rugged terrains. It is a more robust version of the well-proven Kratos TD, providing an exceptional blend of traction, all-round stability, efficient braking and low rolling resistance. In its class, it is a perfect choice for Enduro riding and rugged terrains. Durable, Cut Resistance, High Performance Textra, an extremely durable rubberized fabric with high-density polymer threads, protects the entire sidewall and bead area. Its excellent elasticity characteristics and light weight maintain outstanding riding properties of these tyres. Textra dramatically increases resistance to sidewall cuts and abrasions, increasing strength and durability without significant weight addition. Race Your Heart Out Textra Tyres are primarily intended for riding and racing over rough terrain where they provide both superior reliability and ultra-high performance.
• Designed: for rough terrain • Puncture and cut resistant • Robust • Lightweight • Supple • High Performance • Stable • Low Rolling Resistance Specifications • Size: 29x2.45” • Great Traction: cornering and braking • Construction: Tubeless Supra • Tread Compound: (EDC) provides low rolling resistance • Technology: TSS+, Textra+ • Weight: 810g • Sidewall: Black • Category: All Mountain