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Oury Dual Clamp Lock-On MTB Grips

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Pack Contains Grips, End Plugs and ODI Lock Jaw Clamps Perfectly Beefy, Chunky And Tacky Featuring a large pad design which eliminates numbness and slipping for any size hand Oury Lock-On MTB Grips offer maximum comfort for your all-day adventures. They're beefy, chunky and tacky and their handsomely detailed design adds an attention-getting element to any bike. Good Vibration Isolation The thick, but extremely soft, rubber dampens road vibrations and gives you excellent control. Aluminium collars on each end of the grip lock it on to the bar to eliminate twist. Oury Lock-On Grips are suitable for Mountain Bikes, BMX, Dirt, Downhill, ATV (all-terrain vehicles), Street bikes and probably much more too. Don't forget to let us know what you think of them. How To Install Your Lock-On Grips Remove old grips and clean handlebars thoroughly. Remove any glue or debris left on bars from previous grip installations. Attach clamps to grips by inserting one of the ears on the grip into the recess on the inside of the clamp and pulling the clamp down over the other ear. Assemble bolt into the clamp using a 2.5mm Allen key. Repeat this process to assemble the remaining clamps onto the grips. Slide the grip on to the handlebar making sure that both clamps are completely on bar. Tighten the bolt in all 4 clamps to secure the grips in place. If some play develops over time, this can be corrected by loosening one of the clamps and torqueing it in either direction and then re-tightening the bolt while continuing to hold pressure on the clamp.
• Pack contains Grips, End Plugs and ODI Lock Jaw Clamps • Beefy, chunky and soft grippy feel (tacky) • Slightly larger than normal diameter • Anti-vibration properties • No numb fingers • Aluminium collars on each end of the grip • Collars lock the grip onto the bar to eliminate twist • Use only with ODI Lock Jaw Clamps (included) • Easy to install and remove • Handsomely detailed, large pad design • Non-slip grip in any weather • Excellent control & maximum comfort • Can survive conditions in most rough environments • Suitable for MTB, BMX, Dirt, Downhill, ATV, Street bikes Specifications • Design: Flangeless • Material: Extremely soft rubber, Aluminium • Grip Surface Length: 113 mm • Total Length: 130 mm • Internal Diameter: 22.8mm • External Diameter: 32.8mm • Bolts: 2.5mm SCM-440 CRMO steel for ODI Lock Jaw Clamps • Weight: 95g (pair) (without plugs or clamps) • Country of Manufacture: USA