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Shimano EW-SD50 Di2 Electric Wire 150mm

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Shimano EW-SD50 Di2 Electric Wire 150mm

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Thanks to Di2 technology and Shimano's EW-SD50 Electric Wire you can now enjoy stress-free operation of your electronic shifters. Dual core wires inside thin electric cables with 5.1mm diameter connectors at each end come in different lengths to streamline all connection points and keep everything on your bike looking neat and tidy. Digital operation has many advantages including lightning fast response to signalled actions, effortless gear shifts and longer product durability due to the absence of depreciating factors such as contaminates, corrosion & stretching. EW-SD50 Electric Wire is primarily used to connect the junction (either SM-JC40 external or SM-JC41 internal) to the rear mech, front mech, battery and to the handlebar battery indicator junction box. Setting up the wires with the shifters and junction box is as easy as plugging them in and riding your bike. All you need to do is determine what length you need for your bike-specific purpose. Nothing could be easier!
• Dual core electric wires with Di2 technology
• Plug-and-play wire for Shimano's e-Tube Di2 electric-shifting systems
• All e-Tube wires may be used for internal or external applications
• Available in a variety of different lengths to suit bike-specific needs
• Prevents depreciating factors such as contaminates, corrosion & stretching
• Reliable and secure fitting ensured
• Water-resistant connectors at each end
• Length: 150mm
• Connector diameter: 5.1mm
• Note: e-Tube is a two-prong system and is NOT cross compatible with Dura-Ace 7970 Di2 wiring
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