Speedplay Aero Road Pedal System

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Wahoo Speedplay Refinements The Speedplay pedals have been around since the 1990s, developing and refining their performance and their aesthetics. The New Wahoo Speedplay Line Offers Road Cyclists and triathletes high performance, dual-sided entry, and a smooth clip in and clip out. Pedal-based power measurement is now available with the highly anticipated Wahoo Powrlink Zero. Aerodynamic Pedal System The streamlined, Speedplay Aero pedals defy wind, boosts speed and gets results. The dimpled Speedplay Aero pedals seamlessly integrate with the aerodynamic cleat to create a streamlined profile that defies the wind and rewards your training with increased bike speed. The low stack height means you can lower your seat a smidge and maximise your aerodynamic position. Full Cleat Adjustability Two cleat options are available, standard or easy tension, which fit all pedals, including retro fit to previous zero pedals, allowing for a customised clip in clip out experience, cleats have fore and aft adjustment, side to side adjustment, angled adjustment, all pedal systems now feature 0-15º micro-adjustable float, so you really get a fully customised experience, maximising your biomechanics, and increasing your comfort and performance on the bike. Speedplay is the only pedal system to provide independent fore-aft, left-right, and float adjustability to optimise fit and enhance performance through better biomechanics. Durability, Easy Maintenance All Speedplay pedals have triple-sealed bearings, and increased durability with reinforced contact points. You now spend less time maintaining your pedals, and more time riding. Delightful User Experience Speedplay pedals provide easier walking, because, let’s face it, you’re not on your bike all the time. Coffee stops, traffic lights, (punctures), all require you to put foot to path occasionally, so a confident foot hold is a requirement of a good cleat. The slim profile cleat and rubberised cover provides a better base and more confidence when foot meets ground. The slimmer profile also means greater clearance when cornering, so you can pedal through corners with confidence, maintain speed, make the field suffer. Dual sided entry, and much easier clip in and out all round out this refined pedalling experience.
• Aerodynamics: dimpled Speedplay Aero seamlessly integrates with the aerodynamic cleat • Aerodynamics: lower stack height means you can lower your seat • Efficient Power Transfer: slimmer profile • Adjustable Float Now Standard: all cleats fit all shoes, have 0-15 degree adjustability • Enhanced Walkability: slim profile and anti-slip rubberised cover • Customise Your Cleat: standard or easy tension cleat available for all pedals • Durability: triple sealed bearings, easy maintenance • Full Adjustability: fore and aft position, side to side, foot angle adjustment, and float • Cornering Clearance: lower profile pedal Material • Pedal Body: Grivory® • Spindle: Stainless Steel • Bearings: triple-sealed cartridge and needle Specifications • Weight: 224g • Q Factor: 53mm • Cleats Included: standard tension