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Stan's NoTubes Tyre Sealant 946ml

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Stan's NoTubes Tyre Sealant 946ml

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A fresh new look to the packaging but the same great sealant within. Stan's Tyre Sealant has always been non-hazardous, non-toxic and safe for the environment so we decided it was time to make that fact a little more well-known.
Stan's Tyre Sealant is a very thin, low viscosity liquid that coats the inside of the tyre and carries with it specially formulated sealing crystals. The low viscous nature allows the sealant to quickly reach the puncture site and the crystals aid in sealing large holes. Liquid will last for 2-7 months on average. Riding in arid climates or storing the bike in a hot area will requires more frequent monitoring of sealant levels.
• First choice of riders around the world for tubeless conversion and flat prevention
• Seals punctures up to 1/4" (6.5mm) quickly
• Stays liquid 2-7 months for long-lasting protection
• Premium low-viscosity formula resists freezing to work in environments as cold as -30° F (-34° C)
• Natural materials, safe for the environment
• Can be injected through valve stems with removable cores compatible with tubes and tubular tyres
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