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Zipp Vuka Evo110 Carbon AeroBar Extensions w/Below Mount Clip Carbon Black/Gloss Black

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Slippery Aerodynamics and Comfortable Control The perfect bike fit needs to blend slippery aerodynamics and a comfortable, stress free body position while optimizing control over the bike. Top fitters are constantly devising new methods to maximize and balance these goals. Designed using feedback from top fitters, Zipp’s Vuka Carbon Extensions give you all the options needed to optimize your position and go for the win or your personal best: Finally! A Carbon Evo70 The Vuka Carbon Evo70 extensions decrease drag by starting airflow over the body sooner while keeping the arms and wrists in a comfortable, relaxed position. The Evo shape, with a 20mm inward roll and multi-radius bend, is now available for the first time in carbon, allowing for even more complex shaping and lighter weight. The Vuka Evo Carbon 70, with its 70mm rise, places the hands in the same position as the previous ski tip extension, and has come to be the bar of choice for many professional triathletes using SRAM RED® eTap®. With longer length, and the best ergonomics available, the Vuka Evo Carbon allows any rider to achieve their ideal fit. Refinements Utilizing the same Exogram™ technology found in SRAM RED® crankarms, the Vuka Evo Carbon 70 extensions weigh 140g and go beyond the capabilities of aluminium. The end is contoured to better fit the hand, as well as transition smoothly from the back of a mechanical shifter. Cable routing is fully internal. An included bezel allows the end to integrate visually and aerodynamically with SRAM RED® eTap® Clics™ and sand-paint provides excellent grip without the need for bar tape. Length is increased to 380mm, further increasing fit options. The Vuka Clip-Superior Adjustability Zipp’s Vuka Clip™ is designed to provide all the adjustability you need to go faster. It offers above bar mount with Vuka 110 extension variants which puts riders into the ‘high-hands’ position for optimized power and aero efficiency. There is greater pad-width adjustment including additional inboard (narrower) pad positions. The new pad-angle wedge inserts allow armrest pads to angle upward, including a 5° wedge, a 10° wedge, and 15° is possible when stacking the 5° and 10° wedges. Professional Feedback The Vuka Clip design is based on feedback from pro bike fitters and cyclists alike. Offered in a modern and stealthy bead-blast black finish to match Zipp’s carbon and aluminium extensions, the Vuka Clip is bundled with a choice of six different 22.2mm extension options. The Vuka Clip’s 31.8mm clamp is compatible with the Zipp Vuka Alumina Base Bar and the Vuka Bull, and any other road, time trial, or triathlon bars rated to accept a clip-on. Find Your Position The Vuka Clip allows for pad adjustment up to 50mm behind or ahead of the base bar. Pads can be set as narrow as 116mm for high mount, and as wide as 262mm (centre-to-centre) between rests. Paired with Zipp Evo extensions, the new fit trend of placing the hands narrower than the elbow can easily be achieved. With the above bar Evo70 clip on variants you can achieve a ‘high hands’ position, and with the included wedge kit get the armrest at the angle you need to stay in the aero position. Above and below bar versions are both offered. Riser Clips can be used on the above-bar system in 5, 10, 25, and 50mm heights to achieve proper positioning.
Specifications • Weight: 480g • Material: Carbon • Mount: Below • Rise: 110mm • Mount: Above • Extension Clamping Torque: 4Nm • Fore/Aft Pad Adjustment: ±50mm • Arm Rest Width: 140-280mm • Stack Height: 60mm • Risers Available: 5,10,25 and 50mm • Base Bar Clamp Torque: 7Nm