absoluteBLACK Premium Oval Road 110BCD 38t FSA 2x Chainring Black

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absoluteBLACK Premium Oval chainrings for FSA ABS (asymmetric bolt spacing) cranks like Gossamer, SL-K, K-Force. This model fits all 4 and 5 bolt design cranks. 4&5 bolt cranks are identical except the one hidden bolt behind the crank arm in 5 bolt design which is not needed. These are FSA compatible chainrings and are excellent in terms of shifting, stiffness, smoothness of pedaling and manufacturing quality. 10/11/12spd compatible. Di2 Compatible. Made in EU. Bolt covers are only for K-Force cranks.
• Size (Mass +/-1g): 34T (32g), 36T (33g), 38T (38g), 39T (41g), 50T (115g), 52T (132g), 53T(134g) • Colour: Black only • Compatibility: All FSA ABS (asymmetric bolt spacing) cranks like Gossamer, SL-K, K-Force, K-Force Light. Both 4 and 5 bolt versions. One model fits them all. Di2 Compatible. 10 / 11 / 12spd compatible. ABS cranks only • BOLTS: For Gossamer - use original FSA bolts and spacers. For SL-K - use original FSA Bolt Covers and bolts. For K-Force - purchase absoluteBLACK bolt covers which are necessary • Material & Finish: CNC machined 7075 Txxx Aluminium. Long-lasting construction. Type II anodizing • Ovality: Optimized to each size separately. 34T- 3.5% ; 36T, 38T, 39T- 11.4%, 50/52/53T - 10-11.2% ; Timing of 108 -110.5° after TDC (top dead centre) - Ideal for road climbing. Patent Pending IMPORTANT: • For Gossamer cranks - use original FSA bolts and spacers. There is nothing else needed to mount these rings • For SL-K - use original FSA Bolt Covers and bolts that will fit perfectly. There is nothing else needed to mount these rings • For K-Force - purchase additionally absoluteBLACK bolt covers. This is Absolutely necessary as you will not be able to mount these chainrings to K-Force otherwise. • Ramps on big rings are specially configured for combinations: 50/34, 52/36, 52/38, 53/39T • If you wish to use other configuration it will also work, but shifting will be slower and may require more "adjustments" of front dérailleur to be acceptable. Also remember that front derailleur can only accept max 16T difference between 2 chainrings - this is how Shimano and SRAM designed them. ADVANTAGES OF ABSOLUTEBLACK ROAD OVAL CHAINRINGS: • One of a kind special oval shape that helps you climb easier and faster (Patent Pending) • Over 15% stiffer than Rotor Qrings due to thicker, 5mm construction • Bespoke Absolute Black 6 point ramp and recess shifting design shifts better than any other brand and model of oval chainring • Finest design that provides excellent strength to weight ratio • You will not "feel" the oval shape while pedalling • Your pedalling action will feel smoother • Helps reduce stress on knees and helping your legs remain fresher for longer • You will be able to maintain better cadence while climbing • Reduces possibility of leg cramps • You will reduce chainring/cog shifts by at least 15%